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#210: December 2014:

3: Students plan research and action on mental health: Central Coast Student Voice Alliance, NSW: Allison Beattie
5: Exploring staff and student voices about the value of an SRC: Northern Suburban Fringe P-12 College, Vic: Laura Gazeas
10: VISTA: SRC Meeting Protocols; VISTA News: Dianne Parkinson
11: Leadership training for an entire year level: David Mould
12: Putting the participation back into representation: 1986 archive re Credit and Recognition: Roger Holdsworth
14: VicSRC Recognition Awards: VicSRC; Margaret Tran
- 16: Student Leader of the Year: Sophie Williams
- 18: Teacher Advisor: Joanne Howe: Nhan-My Nguyen, Taran Giddey
- 20: SRC of Year: Bendigo SE College: Brady Price, Eva Marchingo
- 22: Whole School Focus: Malvern Central School: JSC Team
- 26: Group Action: Fitzroy HS: Fitzroy High School Feminist Collective
27: VicSRC: 2014 in Review; Regional Conferences 2015; Meet the Teach the Teacher Project Officer; Congress 2014 Report

29: News & Reviews: Youth-Adult Partnership Rubric; Are our learners deeply engaged? (AITSL Learning Frontiers); Student Action Teams on web; Student Voice Research and Practice facebook group; Connect facebook page; Take the Lead on Leadership (NSW); Students as Learning Partners Video; WA Resources to Enhance Youth Participation

33: Education Needs Communities: International Democratic Education Conference 2015 in New Zealand: Birgit Baader
34: Connect Publications Order Form
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#209: October 2014:

3: Primary school students take over Parliament: Junior School Council Congress, Vic: Caitlin Kuo
6: VISTA: PD for Student Councils: Dianne Parkinson
7: Students upgrade school's computer suite: Burnside PS, SA: Carol Press
9: Who owns the learning? Can the learner be the teacher?: St Therese Catholic Primary School, Torquay, Vic: Dena Reddan
14: Park bench project; Our first ever school disco: SRC, St Joseph's School, Springvale, Vic: Alan Brew; Rebecca and Anthony
16: Year 10 SLT: Committed to school and community: Mount Waverley Secondary College, Vic: Madu B, Sanjna C
19: Student voice and Challenge-Based Learning: St Agnes Catholic High School, Rooty Hill, NSW: Bonita Carlin
22: VicSRC: Planning implementation of resolutions: Sam Ilobuchi; Order in a meeting - efficiency and equity: Margaret Tran; Hiring: Teach the Teacher Project Officer; Events and Communications Officer: Fiona Campbell

26: News & Reviews: Monitoring and evaluation participation toolkit; Excellence and Equity: MSAC, Ontario; 2014 VicSRC Recognition Awards; VISTA Teacher Meetup; Student Voice Research and Practice facebook group; Connect facebook page

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#208: August 2014:

3: Empowering children and young people's participation in South Australia: Department for Education and Child Development, SA: Liz Browne, Harry Manatakis
5: Students leading students in the conversation about student wellbeing: KidsMatter Primary, Vic: Caroline Heysen
6: Student voice at OLOL: Our Lady of Lourdes PS, Bayswater, Vic: Chris Dawson
8: Accomplishments, dilemmas, aspirations: 2014 Student Voice Conference - Cambridge, UK: Alison Cook-Sather, Roger Holdsworth, Jane McGregor
14: English Student Voice conference: Ife Grillo, Chloe Lintern
16: I'm more than an ant in a building!: Student Voice Initiative, Ontario, Canada: Jean Courtney
20: 10 things you can do to advocate for student voice: SoundOut, USA: Adam Fletcher
21: VicSRC Congress 2014: Bridin Walker, Qais Sadat, Sophie Williams; Resolutions from Congress 2014; New Executive elected; Regional SRC Conferences - Top issues; 'Events and Communication' staff position; 3-year funding agreement
25: VicSRC: 2014 SRC Recognition Awards
27: VISTA: Annual General Meeting
27: JSC Congress 2014

29: News & Reviews: Links from the Connect facebook page; Connect on Facebook; Student Voice Facebook Group

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#207: June 2014:

3: Going Global: Student experiences and perspectives: David Mould
4: Smile Day: Portland Secondary College, Vic: SRC, Liam Doyle
5: Negotiating Open Ended Rich Mathematical Experiences!: Albion North PS, Vic: Michael Nicolaides
7: Student Safety Student Action Teams: St Charles Borromeo PS, Templestowe, Vic: Sue Cahill
8: Caritas Solidarity Day: St Charles Borromeo PS, Templestowe, Vic: Fiona McAuley, Isabel Adams
9: Our SRC: Ensuring Student Voice: St Joseph’s PS, Springvale, Vic: Alan Brew
12: SRC and Peer Support: Modbury HS, SA: Frank French
13: Potential to create improved policy and practice through Student Voice: NSW: Lynne Searle
14: Students and the Bill of Rights: Edison Elementary School, Eugene, OR, USA: Susan Dwoskin’s Fifth Grade Class
16: The Stevenson Improvement Club: New York, USA: Roger Dennis
19: Meaning of ‘student voice’ in Italy : Valentina Grion
22: Danish Association of Students: Allan Hoffmann Jeppesen
23: Secondary Students in Europe: Luke Shore, Derry Hannam
24: VISTA: Get Your Meetings In Order: Scott Duncan
25: VicSRC: ‘Where to Now?’ App: Kristen Sellings; Executive Camp: Exec; Unlocking Potential Panel: Margaret Tran; Unity Through Diversity; ‘Teach the Teacher’ Kit

29: News & Reviews: Safe Schools Hub; NSW: Students in School Decision-Making; VicSRC Congress 2014; Student Voice Collaborative, New York; YATST, Vermont; Primary School SRC Blog?; Connect on Facebook; Student Voice Facebook Group

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#206: April 2014:

3: How are students' voices heard in your school?:

3 The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School, Vic: Margaret Tran
3 Brauer College, Warrnambool, Vic: Gabby Steel
4 Sydney Road Community School, Brunswick, Vic: Ralph Gotlib
5 St Dominic's Primary School, East Camberwell, Vic: Georgia Ryan, Michaela Posar
6 St Ives North Public School, NSW: Carmela May
7 Monte Sant'Angelo Mercy College, NSW: Deborah Brown
7 Elisabeth Murdoch College, Langwarrin, Vic: Judy Curson
8 Melbourne Girls' College, Richmond, Vic: Sufi Salieh, Karime Guresci
9 Modbury High School, SA: Pippa Sheridan
9 Constitution High School, Philadelphia, PA, USA: Marc Brasof
10 Bendigo Senior Secondary College, Vic: Sarah Bibby
10 Yarram Secondary College, Vic: Melanie Mitchell
11 Copperfield College, Vic: Thao Pham, Dianna Duong
11 Frankston High School, Vic: Emily Smith, Bridin Walker
12 New Hampshire, USA: Peter Berg
12 North Melbourne Primary School, Vic: Yuan Yuan Liu

14: Action Research on Engagement: McClelland College, Frankston, Vic: Lachlan Anderson-Newton, Maggie Callingham, Christy Dihm, Katie Downie, Brayden Farthing, Torie Symond
20: National Schools Constitutional Convention: Sophie Williams
22: VicSRC: Homework Inquiry Submission: Margaret Tran, Ron Garcia; VicSRC Regional Conferences 2014; Congress 2014 date
27: VISTA: Bringing the Outside In; VISTA Podcat; dates, meet-ups
29: International: Student Voice Conference - Cambridge; YATST in Vermont, USA; StudentVoice UK; OBESSU
32: Resources: YERP: Leo Fieldgrass; Forum: Roger Holdsworth

34: News and Reviews: KidsMatter Victoria - Partners in Wellbeing Conference; Guide to Students on School Boards; Universal Declaration of Human Rights poster; Oops!
36: Connect Publications: Order Form: Connect

#205: February 2014:

3: Reviewing student leadership: Camberwell South PS, Vic: Coralee Pratt
5: Choosing an issue
6: Engaging leaders of the 21st century: St Dominic's Primary School, East Camberwell, Vic: Nicole Baker
13: Young leaders show Penrith how it's done: McCarthy Catholic College, Penrith, NSW: Jeremiah Gomes
15: Bringing student voice to student wellbeing: KidsMatter, Vic: Caroline Heysen, Rob Mason
16: VicSRC: Executive Strategic Planning Days: Tess Shacklock; VicSRC Congress 2014 date; Regional Conferences 2014
18: Glimpses of student voice and action in SA
19: International: Students are helping set educational policy in KY, USA: Rachel Burg Belin; Student Voice in Ontario, Canada
20: Fourth international Student Voice seminar: Cambridge, UK: June 2014; Strategic work areas from 2013
22: International: Time for the UK Government to listen to school students: Yasmin Rufo; Student Voice UK planning days

24: News and Reviews: Connect on Facebook; Student Voice Research and Practice Facebook group; Sydney Road Community School, Vic; 2014 Victorian JSC Congress date; Social Action Toolkit - UK Association for Citizenship Teaching; AITSL Student Voice website; Students Improving Schools facebook page; Student Action Teams in NSW government schools; All about Student Action Teams - website; Student Councils and Beyond on-line - FREE
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