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#235: February 2019:

3: Student Voice Research in a Rio de Janeiro Public School: listening to one another in the context of violence: Adriane Araujo, Carmen Mattos
7: Journey to Agency: Adam Brodie-McKenzie
9: We hold the keys to the future - and should not be afraid to say so: EUDEC address: Derry Hannam
15: Professional learning: Listening to Student Voices: Merriang SDS, Lalor/South Morang, Vic: staff of Merriang SDS
17: Listening: a reflective tool: Roger Holdsworth
22: Student Voice and Respectful Relationships: Keilor Downs College, Vic: Imarsha Pathirana
24: Primary School Engagement: an evaluation: Deakin University: Eve Mayes, Rachel Finneran, Rosalyn Black
26: VicSRC: Growing our VicSRC: Beth; VicSRC Ambassadors and Student Voice Workshops 2019; Staff positions advertised; Meet some Executive members; Student Members and Partner Schools

31: News and Reviews: Orrai Kaatha Pasanga: Tanya Elizabeth Benjamin; Primary School SRC/JSC 'Launch' Conference: Kate Wilde; International Journal of Student Voice: Dana Mitra; Deepening Relationships Between Youth Research and Practice - Conference: Dana Mitra; Civics and Citizenship Conference (VIc): SEV; Ask Us ...: ACT resource; CEM Student Voice website; Amplify: A student voice practice guide; Student Councils and Beyond; Connect on facebook; Student Voice and Practice facebook group

38: Connect Publications: Order Form