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#223: February 2017:

3: Formation: Empowering Female Leaders: Nossal High School, Berwick, Vic: Samantha Choy
5: By-laws: Explaining our SRC: Braybrook College, Vic: Mabelle Gallano
6: Research project: Students on School Councils: Sarah Goh
7: Changing perceptions of the JSC: Swan Hill Primary School, Vic: Danielle Pretty
9: Our first active SRC: Kalianna School, Bendigo, Vic: Karina Smith
10: Regional SRC Conference: a Review: Illawarra South Coast/Wagga Wagga Directorate, NSW: Dr Lorraine Beveridge, Roger Holdsworth
18: Terms and Intentions: Roger Holdsworth
22: Ground Floor Feedback: Kate Wilde
23: Wanted: For Student Voice and Leadership: Distance Education Centre Victoria
24: VicSRC: 2017 Student Voice Workshops; Project Updates; New Year/SRC: Tips for starting 2017 with a bang!: Feyla Anja; Teach the Teacher - Empower, Ignite, Sustain; Executive profiles; VicSRC Staffing Changes

31: News and Reviews: ADEC Conference 2016: Cecelia Bradley; Engagement: Creating classrooms that improve learning: Pete Goss; On-line Resources: Student Action Teams - info online; Student Councils and BeyondConnect on facebook; Student Voice Research and Practice facebook group

34: Connect Publications: Order Form