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#228: December 2017:

3: The power of student voice & action in young children: St Charles Borromeo PS, Templestowe, Vic: Jemma Lockyer
8: How we run The Kaleidoscope: Brunswick South PS, Vic: Maia Clisby de la Piedad
9: Working proactively and collaboratively in JSC: Rosanna PS, Vic: Luca Smith
12: Student Parliament: Forest Hill College, Vic: Jack Baker, Dane Travers, Greg Heaton
15: Passionate about Student Voice: Bendigo Senior SC, Vic: Caitlin Allman, Travis Matheson
17: Student-led feedback to teachers: Genazzano College, Kew, Vic: Miranda Hojok
20: Staff Student Representative Council: Sacred Heart College Geelong, Vic: Paige Skoko, Elsa Lannen, Claudia Higgins
23: A brand new experience: The SRC and Student Voice: Braybrook College, Vic: Linh Nguyen
25: Remembering Jane McGregor: Michael Fielding, Pat Thomson
26: Sport education through a student voice lens: Doug Sandiford
28: VicSRC: Student Voice Workshops 2018; Teach the Teacher across Victoria: Melanie Gaylard; VicSRC Executive members present at conferences; Meet some Executive members

33: News and Reviews: Teaching and Learning Together in Higher Education; Participatory Design of (Built) Learning Environments; Amplifying Student Voice and Partnerships - international seminar; Student Voice Research & Practice Facebook group

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#227: October 2017:

3: Students on School Councils, Vic: VicSRC
5: It starts with US!: Wagga Wagga Operation Directorate, NSW: Murray Walpole
6: Starting a journey exploring student voice: St Catherine’s PS, Moorabbin, Vic: Sandra Surace

9: Young children’s participation: Aotearoa: Fi McAlevey
12: England’s first student-led union for secondary school students: StudentVoiceUK
14: Democratic journeys: Phoenix Education Trust, UK: Sally Hall, Danny Whitehouse
16: Student Voice in Kentucky, USA: Hiatt Allen, Zachariah Sippy
19: Creating a shared ownership for learning: Viewland HS, USA: Dr Cristine H Chopra
22: Roles for students throughout the education system: SoundOut, USA: Adam Fletcher

24: Teacher-student collaboration: The Mac.Robertson Girls’ HS, Vic: Shabrea Teo, Senna Steen, Kalkhi Jeyaprakash, Clare Joseph, Amy Zhong
26: Teach the Teacher: Sunshine College, Vic: Melanie Gaylard, Angelique Corke-Cox
29: VicSRC: VicSRC Recognition Awards: Aayushi Khillan, Alyssa Lai; For the Now: Keynote address: Mia Sherman, Wren Gillett; Congress to priority issues: Wren Gillett; Priority issues 2017-2018: A&L Team; VicSRC Ambassadors: Tiffany Yang, Clare Joseph; Executive members; VicSRC Communications Officer

41: News and Reviews: Student Voice Revolution; Int J for Students as Partners; Int J of Student Voice; SPARK Movement: Agenda; Prichard Committee: Ready or Not; EIS17 Conference; Youth for Peace Award 2017

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#226: August 2017:

3: From Voice to Action: St Charles Borromeo PS, Templestowe, Vic: Amanda Ibrahim
9: Student Voice in Learning: Greenvale PS, Vic: Kellie Kalolo
10: Channelling Student Participation: Williamstown HS, Vic: Elena Turner, Ashlee Horyniak
12: Student Tokenism: SoundOut, USA: Adam Fletcher
15: Reflections: 1: Intentions: a diagram: Roger Holdsworth; 2: The Recharge Room: Bryce Pace
17: VicSRC: Congress 2017: An Inferno of Student Voice; Resolution Action Pitches; VicSRC Strategic Plan; Student Voice Hub; Student Representation on School Governance Councils; Executive 2017-18; VicSRC Recognition Awards - applications now open

28: International: Reflections in the Reality Mirror: Student Voice & Partnership Seminar, Vermont, USA: Judy Walton, Hayley Dureau
30: News and Reviews: Re-Imagining Education for Democracy Summit; Youth for Peace Project Award; Dr Russell Quaglia: Student Voice Keynote at Melbourne event; Connect: Student Action Teams/Student Councils and Beyond; Student Voice Blog & Podcast; Student Voice and Practice facebook group

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#224-225: April-June 2017:

3: Student Advisors in Grade 1/2: St John Vianney’s PS, Mulgrave, Vic: Rebecca Chan
9: Our SRC Towers of Achievement: Box Hill HS, Vic: Tom Yakubowski, Christine Tolotchkov
11: SRC election season: Balwyn HS, Vic: Sarah Goh
12: Resource: A simple guide to taking action to achieve change: Connect
13: Voices from across the hill and over the sea: DECV, Vic: Melissa Stansfield, Zachary Healey
16: Moving towards student voice: Rosewood Downs PS, Nth Dandenong, Vic: Kayla Walker
19: Students active in disaster resilience: Liz Tomazic
22: Reflections: 1: Beyond the Project: Students as Researchers (Qld): Dr Jenna Gillett-Swan, Dr Jonathon Sargeant; 2: Student Voice or Students as Partners? (Qld): Kelly Matthews; 3: Flip Thinking on SRC teachers (Vic): Kate Wilde; 4: What’s the Evidence?: Roger Holdsworth
27: VicSRC: 1000 students at Student Voice Workshops 2017; VicSRC Congress 2017; VicSRC Policy Platform; Meet Some VicSRC Executive Members; VicSRC Staffing Changes

34: News and Reviews: Re-Imagining Education for Democracy Summit; Democracy & Education; International Journal for Students as Partners; 2017 National Students as Partners Roundtable; WISA School Wellbeing Conferences - Melbourne, Launceston; Student Voice in the Early Years Sector; Youth, Digital Participation and Citizenship in the Asia Pacific - workshop

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#223: February 2017:

3: Formation: Empowering Female Leaders: Nossal High School, Berwick, Vic: Samantha Choy
5: By-laws: Explaining our SRC: Braybrook College, Vic: Mabelle Gallano
6: Research project: Students on School Councils: Sarah Goh
7: Changing perceptions of the JSC: Swan Hill Primary School, Vic: Danielle Pretty
9: Our first active SRC: Kalianna School, Bendigo, Vic: Karina Smith
10: Regional SRC Conference: a Review: Illawarra South Coast/Wagga Wagga Directorate, NSW: Dr Lorraine Beveridge, Roger Holdsworth
18: Terms and Intentions: Roger Holdsworth
22: Ground Floor Feedback: Kate Wilde
23: Wanted: For Student Voice and Leadership: Distance Education Centre Victoria
24: VicSRC: 2017 Student Voice Workshops; Project Updates; New Year/SRC: Tips for starting 2017 with a bang!: Feyla Anja; Teach the Teacher - Empower, Ignite, Sustain; Executive profiles; VicSRC Staffing Changes

31: News and Reviews: ADEC Conference 2016: Cecelia Bradley; Engagement: Creating classrooms that improve learning: Pete Goss; On-line Resources: Student Action Teams - info online; Student Councils and BeyondConnect on facebook; Student Voice Research and Practice facebook group

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