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#216: December 2015:

3: Insightful, constructive & visionary ideas: Wagga Wagga Regional SRC, NSW: Gyan Wijekulasuriya
5: A spotlight on Student Action: Central Coast Student Voice Alliance, NSW: Allison Beattie; Kimberley, Sam, Olivia
7: School Pride? School Spirit?: Roger Holdsworth
8: Turning vision into reality: Mount Waverley Secondary College, Vic: Vidarshana Satish, Tikiri Silva, Athaya Anaduta, Feyla Anja, Shivani Thiyagarajah, Sanjna Chandra, Mihika de Bruyne, Netania Lim, Madu Balashanmugan, Chester Ngan
16: How to work in a team: Demi Tangri
17: Share the Dignity: Taking action in focus: Brauer College, Vic: Shania Hallyburton

18: VicSRC: The Wrap Up: VicSRC Recognition Awards 2015; 'Will You Drive With Us?': Matty Sievers
22: Winter's Flat PS: Community Leaders: Group Action Award
24: Sandringham East PS: JSC: Outstanding SRC of the Year Award
25: Bendigo SE College: SRC: Whole School Approach to Student Voice Award
26: Hayley Dureau: Mount Waverley SC: SRC Teacher Adviser Award
27: Roghayeh Sadeghi: Northern Bay P-12 College, Peacock Campus: Newsboy Foundation Youth Leadership Award
21: Elections and SRC Planning; Congress report available
28: VicSRC presents at Royal Commission: Thomas Velican, Liz Chiem
29: Youth Advisory Group Case Studies; Ideas and action resources for The Education State
30: VicSRC 2016 Key Dates

31: News and Reviews: BJET: special issue call for papers: Student Voice and digital technologies; International Journal of Student Voice; YERP; Student Voice Seminar 2016 - Save the Date; The Case for Inclusive Learning Systems
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#214-215: August-October 2015 - double issue:

3: Valuing Voices: Restorative Practices and Student Participation in Decision-Making in Seven Australian Schools, NSW: Sally Varnham, Maxine Evers, Tracey Booth, Costa Avgoustinos
16: Teach the Teacher: Point Cook Senior Secondary College, Vic
17: EP students raise their voices on issues: Eyre Peninsula, SA: West Coast Sentinel
18: Mental Health Awareness Week: Suzanne Cory High School, Werribee, Vic: Liang Xue
19: SRCs in Focus: Student Leadership at Mac.Rob: The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School, Vic: Demi Tangri
20: VicSRC: A look back at the VicSRC’s 2014-15; Congress 2015: Tess Shacklock; Belief Statements, Action Pitch: Lucas Muehleisen; Congress Outcomes - Evaluation Summary; Executive 2015-16; Meeting the Minister: Liz Chiem; Recognition Awards - congratulations to finalists for 2015; 10 Years of VicSRC - a celebration: Margaret Tran; Executive Camp: Victoria Vassallo, Shania Hallyburton, William Hornstra; Environmental Resource Kit: Margaret Tran, Sam Ilobuchi, Tess Shacklock
33: International: 5th International Student Voice Seminar, Cambridge, June 2015: Roger Holdsworth, Alison Cook-Sather; Learner Voice Conference, Trinity College, Dublin: Paula Flynn, Dana Mitra; International Networking: I*EARN - 20 Years On: Bill Coppinger, Nikki Deighton, Kathy Skidmore, Campbell McKay

42: News and Reviews: Student Engagement in University Decision-Making and Governance; International Journal of Student Voice; Student Voice Seminar 2016 - Save the Date; Jump Start; Catholic Education Melbourne Student Participation Workshop; Letter to Connect:Peter Bartley
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#213: June 2015:

3: Our 2014-2015 SRC: Northern Bay P-12 College: Peacock P-8 Campus, Vic: Ash Pike, Gypsy Akhyar, SRC students
11: Voice, Engagement and Action: Mount Waverley Secondary College, Vic: Tamanna Kibrea, Neha Salahuddin, Grace Lee, Annabelle Lim, Mihika De Bruyne, Netania Lim, Hayley Dureau
15: Who are 'representatives' really representing?: Student leaders learning about empathy: The PowerWalk: Kate Wilde
17: Young People Present at IDEC 2015: International Democratic Education Conference, NZ: Cecelia Bradley
19: A Taskforce on Student Involvement: North Carolina, USA (1986): Adam Fletcher
20: The Student Research Team: A Statewide Subject and its Report on Participation: Ministerial Working Party on Student Participation, Vic (1986): Bert Van Halen
25: VicSRC: VicSRC Congress Sold Out; The Wrap-Up: VicSRC Regional Conferences; From Conferences to Congress; Teach the Teacher website launched; Meet some VicSRC Executive members: Kristen Sellings, Sam Illobuchi
30: VISTA: Think Big: Dianne Parkinson
32: More About Equity and Values: a short essay: Roger Holdsworth; Vale Joan Kirner

33: News and Reviews: ACYS Defunded; Democracy & Education
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#212: April 2015:

3: Passions for Learning - Passions for Participation: Introduction to this issue's special focus: Roger Holdsworth
5: 'I Hated School!': Templestowe College, Vic: Peter Hutton
7: TC=Take Control: What makes Templestowe College different? Templestowe College
14: Students with Purpose: Real Time Learning at Mt Eliza Secondary College, Vic: Luke Kerr
19: Passions and Projects: Cooks Hill Campus, NSW: Amanda Hine
21: The Power of Passion: Ashfield Boys' High School, NSW: Linda Henry
25: Passion and Participation: McClelland College, Frankston, Vic: Maggie Callingham, with Amadeo Ferra, Chelsea Jewell, Nathan Lovatt, Nyaruot Molang, Jasmine Manly

29: Kids Teaching Kids Conference: Ashfield Boys' High School, NSW: Roland Tenefrancia
31: Buddies Working Together: St Paul Apostle South PS, Endeavour Hills, Vic: Ben, Gurnoor, Mishen, Janick, Sara, with Joan Kendrick
32: VISTA: Why your Student Council needs a Constitution: Dianne Parkinson
34: The history of SRCs in Australia: a call for help: David Mould
35: VicSRC: VicSRC Regional Conferences: Lucas Muehleisen; VicSRC Executive Camp: Margaret Tran, Samantha Chapman, Trinity Duffield-Pugsley; VicSRC Congress 2015; VicSRC Teach the Teacher: Emma Myers

39: News and Reviews: Progressive Education in Australia; Student Voice and School Governance; 5th Student Voice Seminar; Learner Voice Conference; How Participation in School Helps You Do Well: Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People
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#211: February 2015:

3: Students on staff selection panels: Melton West PS, Vic: Kathy Cvitkovic with Maddi Hodge, Nick Psarras, Kirra Young, Connor Poulton, Jake Merry
6: Transition to Student Voice: PBL for wellbeing: Emmanuel College, Point Cook, Vic: Andrew Damon
15: Our plans and hopes for 2015: Qais Sadat; Natalie Elizabeth; Ron Garcia; Spencer Davis; Kristin Sellings; Samantha Chapman; Anamika Chowdhury; Margaret Tran; Tess Shacklock; Emily Hill; Zoe, Lill and Amelia
18: DO something: What does it mean to 'take action'?: Roger Holdsworth with Krista Seddon, Fiona Campbell, David Mould
20: Student Voice and Action - Canada and USA
22: VISTA: They put me in charge of the Student Council - now what?: Scott Duncan
23: Real Time Learning: An introduction: Mount Eliza Secondary College, Vic: Luke Kerr
24: VicSRC: Key Dates for 2015; Regional Conferences 2015; Training, Trust, Transformation: Spencer Davis; SunSmart SRC Kit

29: News and Reviews: Children's Voices; In the Picture; International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC) - New Zealand; Teach the Teacher; Student Councils and Beyond on-line - FREE
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