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#204: December 2013:

3: Junior School Council Congress, Vic: ‘We Are Citizens Too! What we do makes a difference.’
8: VISTA: Teachers Talk at JSC Congress: Dianne Parkinson
9: Promoting Partnerships in Learning: Santa Sabina College, Strathfield, NSW: Emma McAulay, Jackie Baxter and Kathryn Graham
14: Students researching curriculum development: Sharing Our Voices on Education: Westside High School, NSW: Eve Mayes, ‘Brooke Davis’, ‘Isaac Towers’, Kadek Arya-Pinatyh and Susan Groundwater-Smith
22: Our ‘Teach the Teacher’: Bayside P-12 College - Williamstown Campus, Vic: Jacinta Kenna, Nolene Symons
25: Look Who’s Talking: Mornington Secondary College, Vic: Sarah Burns, Luke Stahl, Krystal Lewis-Smith, Cameron Fielding
27: VicSRC: Integrated Assessment Consultation: Margaret Tran; VicSRC New Logo

29: News & Reviews:
29: Invitation for Creative Writing on Freedom and Democracy;
29: Young People Creating Change;
30: SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum;
31: Some Models of Student Participation and Engagement;
32: Einstein quote;
33: Student Voice in Vermont, USA: Helen Beattie
33: Networking young citizens: Learning to be citizens in and with the social web - report link;
33: Student Councils and Beyond on-line;
33: Connect on facebook;
33: Student Voice Research and Practice facebook Group;
35: Student Action Teams website

34: Connect Publications and Resource Order Form
35: CLEARINGHOUSE: Local and Overseas Publications; Websites; Contribute to Connect; Connect on EBSCO

#203: October 2013:

3: Bullying, Cyberbullying and Female to Female Aggression: Empowering students to be part of the solution: Priority Schools Programs, South Western Sydney, NSW Maryanne Bohr, Kristen Murray, Rebecca Anderson, Liz Henson, Marie Murphy, Fatima Amr
9: Student Environmental Council: Broken Hill High School, NSW: Dylan Stone
10: YEC South Australia: Elisia Banks
11: 2013 Student Award Winners: NAB Schools First Student Awards
17: VicSRC: Ten Schools Developing Teach the Teacher; Our First Teach the Teacher Session at Portland Secondary College; VicSRC Executive Training Camp; The Big Banter (Margaret Tran and Bridin Walker); VicSRC 2013 Congress Report Now Available
21: 2013 State Junior School Council Congress, Vic: 'We are citizens too! What we do can make a difference'
22: VISTA: Making Decisions in Meetings: 'Moving a Motion' Flowchart: Scott Duncan
24: Using student voice to inform teachers' professional practice: AITSL: Nigel Wakefield
25: International: Student Participation and Voice: and the new English National Curriculum for Citizenship Education: Derry Hannam
28: News & Reviews: Benowa State High School (Qld) Environment Council; 'Bias Free Discipline': SpeakUp Ontario; 'Student Participation in School Leadership' - TLN Journal; Student Action Teams; Connect on facebook; Student Voice Research and Practice facebook group
30: Connect Publications and Resource Order Form

#202: August 2013:

3: Student Voice: Our Journey: Mornington Special Developmental School, Vic: Sue Page, Robyn Simmonds, Karen Avery
6: Student Voice Tipsheet: SoundOut
7: In the Future ...: Voices from the VicSRC Congress
11: Linking Across the Lines: Student Voice works-in-progress: Cambridge Student Voice Conference: Alison Cook-Sather, Dana Mitra
17: VicSRC: Congress 2013: Discussing, Debating and Deciding; Congress Resolutions; New VicSRC Coordinator; SRC Recognition Awards; New Executive Elected; Farewell to Kate Walsh
22: Why are Student Councils important?
24: VISTA: MeetUp August 22: Scott Duncan
25: Strongly Connected to Decision-Making: Bendigo Senior Secondary College: Breanna Tivendale
26: SRC Student Survey Drives Change: Beaufort Secondary College: Jake Morcombe
27: SRC Runs Primary Leadership Days: Montmorency Secondary College: Claire Norman, Daniel Hickey
28: SRC: Listening, Discussing, Acting: Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar: Lucinda Goring
30: Student Voice/Environmental Action: Golden Grove High School, SA
31: International: StudentVoice (England and Wales): Yasmin Rufo
32: International: OBESSU General Assembly (Europe): Luke Shore
33: International: Student Voice (Ontario, Canada): SpeakUp
34: News & Reviews: Connect archived in PANDORA; New Connect ISSN; Connect on EBSCOhost; Student Voice on-line at Dallas Brooks Community Primary School; BELMAS conference; NSW Central Coast; Student Voice Research and Practice Facebook Group
36: Connect Publications and Resource Order Form

#201: June 2013:

3: Finding their voice ... hip hop in schools: McCarthy Catholic College, Emu Plains, NSW: Keith Heggart
8: How important are active citizens for a modern democracy?
9: Student Leaders United Group Meets Again: Mount Gambier. SA: Simone Badenoch
11: A Middle Years Student Voice Team Leads Teach the Teacher: Malvern Central School, Vic: Kerry Clayton, Saraid Doherty
14: Teach the Teacher Continues: Melbourne Girls' College, Vic: Zack Pretlove
16: VicSRC: Teach the Teacher: Krista Seddon
17: VicSRC: Regional Conferences: Tiffany Chapman, Rachel Cerar, Edison Ponari
18: VicSRC: Congress 2013: Michael Swift
20: VicSRC: SRC Recognition Awards: Lachlan Hugo
20: VicSRC: VicSRC Coordinator Position: VicSRC
21: Cascading Leadership Among Students: Adam Fletcher
22: Resources: Evaluation Tool; Student Action Teams website; Student Councils and Beyond online; Connect on facebook
23: VISTA: Connect with Tech: Scott Duncan
24: Student Voice Initiative: A Canada-Wide Initiative Making Waves Across the Education System: Emerson Csorba
26: News & Reviews: The Guide to Student Voice; Student Voice Research and Practice Facebook Group; NAB Schools First Student Awards; ACARA - Draft Civics and Citizenship Curriculum; ACER Research Developments on-line; Stepping Out, Breaking Through Conference; ReThinking Schools - PENA Symposium
32: Connect Print to Digital: Your feedback
34: Connect Publications and Resource Order Form

#200: April 2013:

3: Times Have Changed ... and it changed me: Nathalia 1991-2013: Stephanie Neumann
4: Participation and Voices of the Vulnerable and Silenced: Lyn Loger
5: Learning as Community: Helen Cahill
6: Models of schools: where do students fit?
7: Students Lead in their School and Community: Sue Cahill
8: Worlds in which we live ... choices we have made : Roger Holdsworth
10: Supporting SRCs and Students to Train Themselves: David Mould
12: Smooth sailing?: Braidan Pace
12: Having come so far!: Lachlan Hugo
13: Student Voices: from Marginal Tokenism to Educational Driver: Ian Fraser
15: Student Voice has Changed!: Keith Heggart
17: From Calls for Student Voice to the Proliferation of Student-Teacher Partnerships: Alison Cook-Sather
19: Everything Matters: Pytor Hodgson
21: Full Personhood for All: Adam Fletcher
22: Working collectively to make a better world: Shawna Adler, Conner Fischer, Casey LaRocco, Roseanna Ling, Sarah Melton, Rayven Wray
23: The Youth-Led Campaign for Democracy: Art Pearl
24: Connect from print to digital: Final Print Issue, April 2013
24: A Student Voice Rubric: NYC High School Students: WKCD
25: VISTA: Conferences, Celebrations, Conditions: Scott Duncan
26: VicSRC: Teach the Teacher: Funded for 10 New Schools; Regional Conferences; Congress 2013; IDAHOT Day; Recognition Awards: VicSRC
29: Connect Publications and Resource Catalogue

33: News & Reviews: Student Action Teams Manual Relocated; Student Voice Research and Practice Facebook Group; Connect on Facebook ; Student Councils and Beyond on-line - FREE; SAT website
34: Linking Across Lines: Works in Progress: Cambridge Student Voice Seminar: June 2013

#199: February 2013:

3: A Great Success: The Voices of Reaching High: 20 Years Exhibition Lyn Loger
7: Sharing Experiences of Student Voice: A panel discussion in Brisbane: Dana Mitra, Kaye Johnson, Lynne Searle, Eve Mayes, Samantha McClelland, Roger Holdsworth, David Zyngier
15: Linking Across Lines: Works in Progress: Cambridge Student Voice Seminar: June 2013
16: VicSRC: Regional Conferences; Congress 2013; Wodonga Senior Secondary College Conference; How the VicSRC Congress Changed My Life; VicSRC Executive Action: VicSRC
19: 51 Ways to Tokenise Student Voice: Adam Fletcher
22: VISTA: Meet the Team for 2013: Scott Duncan
24: Connect from Print to Digital: Update, February 2013

25: News and Reviews: UN Youth Conferences; Connect on Facebook; Student Councils and Beyond on-line - FREE
26: Connect Publications: Order Form: Connect