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#198: December 2012:

3: Justice Citizens: A Youth Participatory Action Research Project Focused on Citizenship and Social Justice - at McCarthy College, Emu Plains, NSW: Keith Heggart
7: Primary Student Voices: JSC Student Congresses in Melbourne and Ballarat, Vic: David Mould
9: VISTA: And That's a Wrap!: Scott Duncan, VISTA
10: VicSRC: Executive Summary 2011-2012: Samantha McClelland; Congress report 2012: VicSRC
12: Asking, Listening and Taking Action: Student and Youth Voice: What Kids Can Do (USA)
13: Why Student Voice Matters: Ari Sussman
14: Student Voice Research and Practice Facebook Group
15: Student Voice Rubric: Student Voice Collaborative (USA)
16: Student-Centred Education Starts with Student-Led Reform: Annenberg Institute for School Reform, USA: Keith Catone, Alexa LeBoeuf
17: News and Reviews: NSW State SRC: Big Ideas video; Connect on Facebook; Connect 2013: from print to digital - FREE in 2013; Broken Hill High School Student Environmental Council: Dylan Stone; Student Councils and Beyond on-line - FREE
19: Rebecca Coyle: a tribute: Roger Holdsworth
20: The Student Voice Handbook: a review: Roger Holdsworth
22: Connect Publications: Order Form: Connect

#197: October 2012:

3: "This is our rock, okay!": Digital Literacy and Student Voice in Remote Indigenous Education: Claire Ellis
5: Where is Student Voice in schools?: SoundOut
6: Developing confidence and leadership skills: St Joseph's Primary School, Springvale, Vic: Alan Brew
7: Building better relationships for healthier choices: Bayside College, Williamstown, Vic: Anne O'Connor, Mindy Allott

10: Patterns of partnership and the demands of deep democracy: Michael Fielding
15: Student Voice panel in Brisbane
16: Why it matters to me ...: Emma Waheed
18: Convenient or inconvenient Student Voice: + Bullying: Student Voice?: Adam Fletcher
19: Second annual Student Voice seminar: Julia Flutter

20: VISTA: Let's hear YOUR voice: Scott Duncan
21: VicSRC: What does it mean to 'take action'?; VicSRC Executive Training: Michael Swift, VicSRC
22: NSW SRC: Following up Represent 2012: The NERCATS
22: NSW SRC: Students learn the power of representation: Erika Vass
24: Connect 2013: from print to digital: Roger Holdsworth
25: News and Reviews: Student Voice Research and Practice facebook group; 'Repositioning trust'; Students as researchers resources; Student Councils and Beyond on-line
26: Connect Publications: Order Form: Connect

#196: August 2012:

3: What it means to have a voice: SRC in a Special Developmental School: Meg Steele
6: Connect 2013: from print to digital: Roger Holdsworth
7: What makes learning stimulating?: Surveying student views at Balwyn High School: Carl Wu, Jonathan Heard
9: Connection and IMPACT: Forest Hill College: Natalie Pantou
10: SRC strategic planning: Education Week at Warracknabeal Secondary College: Wendy Hewitt, Ashlee Schultz
11: Integrated and supported: Frankston High School: Tim Eric
13: All students have much to say: Nossal High School: Levi Barker, Hasini Ilangaratne
14: Democratic and representative: Narre Warren South P-12 College: School Captains 2012
15: Shaping our school community: Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School: Lucy Kingsley
17: An effective SRC: an activity: Kate Walsh
18: What we think is significant: SRC snapshots
20: VicSRC: SRC Recognition Award winners; VicSRC Executive 2012-13; Congress - hearing the voice of students: Justine Jaramillo, VicSRC
22: VISTA: Turning ideas into action: Scott Duncan
23: NSW SRC Conference: Representing - 25 Years On: Noel Grannall
24: Our Student Council: Dukeries College, UK: School Councils UK

25: News and Reviews: 2012 NAB Schools First Student Award winners; on student voice;; Student Councils and Beyond on-line
26: Connect Publications: Order Form: Connect

#194-195: April-June 2012:

3: "An Option to Change the World": Student Researchers at Nanango SHS, Queensland: Cat Bobledyk, Ian Fraser
6: Good Teachers are Good Learners: Roger Holdsworth
7: Teachers and Students in Learning Partnerships: The University of Melbourne, Vic: Michelle Pose
10: Student Leadership: Peer Activity Leaders, SRC etc: St Macartan's PS, Mornington, VicSarah Chappell, Katrina Tewman
15: Primary Schools' Youth Voice Day: Mount Gambier, SA: Moira Neagle, Catherine O'Dea, Simone Badenoch, SRCs
20: VISTA: Moving Beyond Fundraising: Scott Duncan
22: Student Voice in Learning and Teaching: Amy Freeman
24: Student Voice and Engagement as Trojan Horses: Adam Fletcher, SoundOut
25: VicSRC: Students 'Teaching' Teachers; SRC Recognition Awards; Regional Student Conference; Congress 2012: Edison Ponari, VicSRC
28: Renewable Energy Conference: ENVY: Darcie Jordan, Melissa Arsov
29: NSW SRC Conference: 25 Years On: Noel Grannall
30: Student Leadership Program Yields Results: Georges River College Penshurst Girls Campus, NSW
31: NSW Student Receives OAM: Wendy Robinson
32: Encouraging Engagement: 'Be Yourself': Melissa Wallace

33: News and Reviews: UK School Councils: "Shut up, we're listening"; Enviro Inspiro!; Second Strike Event Calendar 2012; Switched On To Learning Reprinted
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#193: February 2012:

3: Investigating Engagement: St Charles Borromeo Primary School: Amy Harrison
9: What Have We Learnt About SATs?: Student and teacher evaluations: compiled by Roger Holdsworth
13: Student Action Teams and Student Voice: a conversation: Sue Cahill and Roger Holdsworth
14: Inner South ICAN Student Voice Project: Janine Hinton
15: Class Captains?: David Mould
16: VicSRC: Regional Student Conferences: Kate Walsh
17: VicSRC: What Principals Can Do for SRCs: Sam McClelland, Tiffany Chapman
18: VicSRC: VicSRC and Rural Youth Ambassadors: Sufi Salieh
19: VicSRC: VCAL: Students Act: Alexis Leonhardt, Tim Eric
21: Student Leadership: Kensington Community High School: Tamara Adnum
22: Students as Education Advocates: Adam Fletcher, SoundOut
23: Foxfire: Core Practices; What is Foxfire?: Foxfire Fund

24: News and Reviews: NAB Schools First 2012; Second Strike Events Calendar 2012; Switched On To Learning Reprinted; Take Action. Think Frogs!; Learning and Teaching to Change the World
26: Connect Publications: Order Form: Connect