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#192: December 2011:

3: JSC Congresses 2011: David Mould, Alexis Leonhardt
9: Teach the Teachers: Melbourne Girls' College: Zack Pretlove, Sam Landby
11: Seen and Heard: learning through the eyes of pupils: Keith Towler, Children's Commissioner for Wales
15: Students as Education Decision-Makers: Adam Fletcher, SoundOut
16: VicSRC: Executive Report 2010-2011: Tiffany Chapman
18: VISTA: Podcasts and Possibilities for 2012: Scott Duncan, VISTA
19: WE Lead: Brentwood Secondary College: Jovana Vukanovic
19: Building Relationships with Glen Waverley South PS: Eliza Darby, Anna Badley, Kristen Valiotis, Luisa Greco
20: Our JSC and Student Leadership Program: Eltham North PS
22: Describing Our Student Councils on the Web: Exford, Cheltenham East, Hawthorn West, Kew East, Montagu Bay, Murchison, Newstead and Warragul Primary Schools

24: News and Reviews: Green with E.N.V.Y.: Anna Vella; Pupil Voice Wales; Switched On To Learning reprinted; Youth Development Fund at CYF: Raquel Woods
26: Connect Publications: Order Form: Connect

#191: October 2011:

3: Learning Partnerships: St Margaret Mary's PS, Brunswick: Jenny, Dion, Tanya Rivett, Bern Murphy
7: JSC Congresses 2011: Preliminary Report: David Mould
8: SATs and Inquiry Learning: Roger Holdsworth, Karen Crimmins, Gabriella Leone, Diane Foley, Michael O'Keeffe
17: Putting Education back into School: through Student Action Researchers: Ibn Batouta School, Lebanon: Samia, Lena Bahou
20: SRC: dealing with the 'bad apples': Scott Duncan, VISTA
21: VicSRC: Student Executive; Speaking Out About Maths and Science; The Schooling Workforce: VicSRC
24: Local Student Conferences: Viva la Student Revolución; Whitehorse Student Leadership Conference; Student Voice Education Conference: Jaime Levin, Laura Grinzi, Suzanne Bouillet
27: NSW State SRC Conference 2011: The BIG IDEA Session; Find Your Vibe press coverage; Learning for Sustainability Award of ExcellenceNSW State SRC
31: Moving from doing research to defining action: an action planning tool: Connect
32: Students as Education Evaluators: Adam Fletcher

33: News and Reviews: Rural Youth Ambassadors: Phil Brown
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#190: August 2011:

3: Design for Change: Meenal Khushu
5: Students Learn to Have a Voice: at St Joseph's PS, Springvale: Tin, Lochlan, Daniel, Suthesh, Alex, Leanne T, Leanne N, Laura
6: Student Voice ... more than terminology: Anita Andersen
7: Student Voice ... and Real Roles: Christopher Brown
9: Student Voice ... and its relevance in the teaching profession: Meenal Khushu
12: VicSRC Congress: Resolutions; New Executive: VicSRC
14: SRCs: Our Significant Achievements: VicSRC Congress delegates
16: Visioning Education: VicSRC Congress delegates
20: VicSRC: Students Say; SRC Recognition Awards: VicSRC
21: NSW State SRC Conference: The BIG IDEA: NSW State SRC
24: JSC Congress in 2011: David Mould, Second Strike
25: The Journey Towards a VicJSC: Scott Duncan, VISTA
26: Students as Classroom Teachers: Adam Fletcher
27: Keeping an Eye Out: Perceptions: Adam Fletcher
28: News and Reviews: VISTA Wine and Cheese Nights
29: Connect Publications: Order Form: Connect
30: News and Reviews: School Councils UK Resources

#189: June 2011:

3: Student Action Teams: Whole Cohort Approaches
- 4: School Engagement: at St Charles Borromeo PS, Templestowe: Amy Harrison, Susan Camilleri
- 5: Investigating Engagement: at St Michael's PS, North Melbourne: Barbara Gomez, Hannah Marino, Jenny Nour
- 9: Sustainability Action: at St Martin of Tours PS, Rosanna; St Damian's PS, Bundoora; St Mary's PS, Greensborough; Loyola College, Watsonia
- 17: Grade 6 Student Action Teams: at St Peter's PS, East Bentleigh: Joan Carrazzo

18: VicSRC: Minister Dixon to Attend VicSRC Congress; Frankston Environmental and Sustainability Conference: Tiffany Chapman, Kimi Pellosis
19: VicSRC: VicSRC Executive Members MC at DEECD Innovation Showcase; The Power of Student Participation: Shaf Shariff, Elizabeth Kalas
22: Students as Researchers: Adam Fletcher
24: Students Lead Schools Outward: Roger Holdsworth
25: The Journey Towards a VicJSC: Scott Duncan, VISTA
** 13: Connect Publications Catalogue **
26: News and Reviews: Democracy and Education on-line; VISTA Wine and Cheese Nights

#188: April 2011:

3: Towards a Student-Led Media Unit: ClassTV-SYN-Channel 31-Education: Paul Van Eeden
7: Paul Van Eeden: interview: Connect
10: Getting the Most from the VISTA Ning Website: Scott Duncan, VISTA
11: VicSRC: Zero Carbon Pedal Power; VicSRC Recognition Awards 2011; VicSRC Regional Student Conferences 2011; Whittlesea SRC Cluster; 6th Annual VicSRC Congress; VicSRC Competition: Kosh Arulsothy, VicSRC
14: NSW SRC: Enviro Inspiro 2011; Director-General for a Day; Digital Citizenship; 2011 State SRC Conference: Noel Grannall, NSW State SRC
15: How do we get to talk about it ... and why?: Getting on the Agenda: Roger Holdsworth
16: Understanding 'Student Voice': Peter Anstee, Claire Rollinson, Benn Scully, Hugh Wilson
17: Rights-Based Education: Review of UK Research: Derry Hannam
20: Students as Education Planners: Adam Fletcher
21: News and Reviews: A Call to Action - Scan of Alternative Learning Programs in Australia; VISTA Wine and Cheese Nights; Second Strike Training Days; For we are young and ...?; Connect archived - free

#187: February 2011:

3: Publishing the Students' Voice(s): St Joseph's Primary School: Claudia and Luisa
4: Establishing a student newspaper: Responding to student self-initiated ideas: Pina Iapozzuto
4: Opportunities for setting up Student Action Teams: Roger Holdsworth
5: Peer mentors: Emmanuel College: Mark Sciberras
8: Top tips for teachers taking on Student Councils: Scott Duncan, VISTA
10: VicSRC: Represent! in schools; VicSRC competition; SRC leadership camps; VicSRC poster; VicSRC Recognition Awards; VicSRC website; Regional conferences: Megan Shellie, Shaf Shariff, Elizabeth Kalas, VicSRC
13: Using SRC Resource Kits: Roger Holdsworth
14: SRC Needs Analysis: Roger Holdsworth
18: NSW SRC: Enviro Inspiro 2011: NSW State SRC
20: NSW SRC: FAQs: Student Leadership and SRCs: NSW State SRC
22: International Year of Forests 2011: Felix Finkbeiner
23: NAB Schools First: Student Awards: Schools First
24: Typical Engagement?: Students on School Boards in the USA: Adam Fletcher
25: Connect archived and on-line: Free!
26: News and Reviews: Youth and Adults Transforming Schools Together; UK Student Voice on YouTube; VISTA Wine and Cheese Nights; Second Strike Training Days