Contents of Recent Issues: 2010

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#185-186: October-December 2010:

3: Student Action Team on Cybersafety: Whittlesea Primary School: Rebecca McEwan
5: Students find their voice: the importance of empowering student voice for environmental action: Youth Environment Council, SA: Elisia Brook
9: RuMAD: Making a Difference in Massachusetts; ruMAD in Castlemaine: ruMAD
12: Be the Change: CRC St Albans: Anthea Carrafa
13: Student-led Action on Transition: CEO Resource; Student-led Back-To Day; Student leaders take action; A student-led cluster initiative: Joan Carrazzo, Sally Beattie
18: SATs and SRGs: Reflections on labels, power and uncertainty: Roger Holdsworth
19: VISTA: Supporting teachers to support Student Councils: Scott Duncan
20: VicSRC: Represent! launched; Resolutions from VicSRC Congress 2010: Megan Shellie, Michael Kurtanjek, VicSRC
23: Profile: A commitment to student organisation and representation: Georgia Kennelly
24: VicSRC: Whittlesea SRC Cluster: Tim Eric, Sammy Chapman
25: 2010 NSW SRC Annual Report: NSW State SRC
27: DIY Reality: A guidebook for making a difference
28: Student Councils on the Web
30: Connect archived and on-line: Free!
31: Australian students call for bigger say in education: Tell us: Foundation for Young Australians
33: Rules of student engagement: Adam Fletcher
34: Reviews: Civics and Citizenship Education Digest; Values Education Handbook

#184: August 2010:

3: Frenzy!: Sam, Eliza, Finley and David
4: Our Junior School Council: Laburnum Primary School: Trent Ray
5: Past, Present and Future: Student Council Issues in 1986, 2010 and 2020
12: VicSRC: Congress 5: Tiffany Chapman, Samantha Chapman, Elizabeth Kalas, Lou Mapleston
14: VicSRC: VicSRC Awards; New VicSRC Executive Elected; Regional SRC Conferences
15: Parents survey student views on current education issues: Gail McHardy, Parents Victoria
17: Accept, Engage, Time for Change: NSW State SRC Conference; Enviro Inspiro!
18: An Audit for Student Councils: Student and teacher responsibilities
20: Meaningful Student Involvement in the USA and Canada: Adam Fletcher
22: Review: Listen to Students: Kathleen Cushman

#183: June 2010:

3: Elementary Students Empowered to Be the Change: Design for Change - Student Action in Bhutan: Kellie Shay Hinze
5: Once Upon a Time, When Things Went Wrong: A Cautionary Tale: Julie Murray
10: VicSRC: SRC Awards; Regional SRC Conferences: Representing for Change; Will your SRC be Represented at Congress 5 in 2010?; VicSRC has a Voice at Public Education Forum: Erin Young, Georgia Kennelly
12: Three Secondary SRC Stories: Kate Walsh, VicSRC
17: Our Student Councils ... in Our Schools: 14 Primary SRC/JSC Stories from Frenzy
22: News and Reviews: Questions that Connect: Adam Fletcher; SRC Cluster Kit: VicSRC; To Gladly Teach: Glen Pearsall, TLN

#182: April 2010:

3: Developing reciprocal connections in a community of learners: NZ: Alison Sewell
7: VicSRC State Congress 2010
8: VicSRC: VicSRC Awards; Regional SRC Conferences; Resource Guide for Principals
11: Bringing Victorian SRC teachers together: Scott Duncan, VISTA
12: NSW State SRC: Enviro Inspiro! 2010; State SRC Conference resolutions; Green Day
14: STARs of Science: Student Evaluation: Nanango State High School, Qld: Ian Fraser
18: Student Engagement in Transition: A Student Action Teams approach: Mitchell HS, NSW: Year 8/4 Student Action Team, Tanya Baghurst
21: How Student Councils help create successful schools: Di Clay, Jessica Gold, Derry Hannam; School Councils UK
23: Student Participation Statement: VICCSO
25: News and Reviews: Green Day; Junior Primary Student Action at Magill Junior PS, SA: Patricia Lutz; Switched On to Learning; Tell Us
26: Switched On to Learning: Order form

#181: February 2010:

3: Reviewing Opportunities for Student Voice and Leadership: Brentwood Secondary College, Vic: Raquel Woods
5: Introducing the Green Team: Thea Nicholas, Melanie Brown
7: Setting Up a Student Action Team: Dulwich High School, NSW: Wendy Herbert
8: VicSRC: Get your SRC up and running in 2010! and Regional SRC Conferences: Georgia Kennelly
9: Student Councils: What can they do?: Connect
10: Making Informed Food Choices at School: Martine Mandic
15: Exploring Cyber Culture: Working in partnership with Year 9 students to promote positive on-line behaviour at Loreto Mandeville Hall, Vic: Rhiannon McGee
18: Improving Values in our School Community: Student Action Teams at Holy Spirit Community School, Ringwood North, Vic: Karen Watson
21: Switched On to Learning: Order form
23: Switched On to Learning: Student launch