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#180: December 2009:

3: 30 Years of Journeys Supporting Student Participation: Roger Holdsworth and others
9: Switched On to Learning: New Connect Publication: Connect
11: Speak Up: Increasing student voice and participation in classroom meetings: Christine Reed
15: Giving Students a Voice in School Improvement: St Michael's Primary School, Ashburton, Vic: Anne Engellenner
19: Leaders as Mentors: Modelling and mentoring values to younger students: Mark Sciberras
21: Students Lead Geelong March Against Violence: CLOGS Committee, Simon Cahir
22: VicSRC: at Blueprint One Year On Forum; Sticks and Stones and Mobile Phones: Georgia Kennelly, Ryan Lim
24: Youth Media Project from Santa Fe: Judy Goldberg, John Braman
25: Students Act to Improve Transition: Bentleigh AGQTP Project: Bernadette Anderson, Ivan Mahoney, Joan Carrazzo, Joyce Henderson
29: Student Action Teams: Previous articles in Connect
30: Student Government: Bellarine Secondary College: Jenna Sinclair, Senem Shamsili

#179: October 2009:

3: STARS of Science: Students as Researchers at Nanango State High School, Qld: Ian Fraser and Peter Cavallaro
7: Refocusing the SRC: Tooleybuc Central School, NSW: Belinda McKindlay
10: Student Action Teams: Some Background Information: Roger Holdsworth
12: VicSRC: Environment Kit, SRC Cluster Kit, Student Executive, Regional Conferences, Resources Funding: Kate Walsh, VicSRC
14: Connect 30 Years On! - An Invitation: Connect
15: Building Student Participation: from 1986
16: Criteria for Effective Student Councils: Roger Holdsworth and Western Metropolitan Regional SRC Conference
20: Informed Representation: Roger Holdsworth and VicSRC Student Executive
21: Connect Publications
22: News and Reviews: Frenzy Rescheduled; Form One Lane; Jump Start: Second Strike; Youth Development and Support Program; Connect website; Connect online; ASPRINworld

#178: August 2009:

3: The SWAT Team: Students Working Actively Together at Ocean View College, SA: Leah McGlinchey
9: Student Voice: Salisbury High School, SA: Tricia Houlihan
11: MindMatters Youth Congress: Vanessa Houltby
12: Our Vision: Port Augusta Secondary School, SA: Charlotte Franz
13: Call for Papers: Democracy & Education
14: VicSRC State SRC Congress 2009; New Coordinator: Kate Walsh, James Tonson: VicSRC
16: Frenzy 2009: Second Strike
17: Resources: Passport to Democracy: Alex Markham; PSP Student Equity Advisory Team, NSW; NRM Education and Youth Voice, SA
22: News and Reviews: Youth Fighting Poverty: Getting Involved: Larry Levine; Involving Children and Young People in Research; Democracy & Education on-line; New Connect website; Connect online; ASPRINworld

#177: June 2009:

3: Aboriginal Student Action Team: A model for engagement and learning: Rob Mason
9: Environment and Wellbeing: Student Action Teams at Resurrection School, Keysborough, Vic: Steve Bellisini
12: Action Planning: Before You Act: Investigate!: Roger Holdsworth
13: Students Lead Schools Outward: Practical Ideas for Outward Facing Schools: Roger Holdsworth
16: Regional SRC Conferences to State SRC Congress: Kel Mitchell, VicSRC
17: Frenzy 2008: Primary School Students' Survey Results: Second Strike
22: News and Reviews: Creating Student Leaders: Pam Mathieson; Peer Activity Leaders: Brad Green and Pam Mathieson

#176: April 2009:

3: Talking Toilets: Students at three primary schools 'lift the lid' on sanitation: Michelle Wright
7: ruMAD?: Rubbish, Drains and Bandicoots at Gagebrook PS, Tasmania: Kate Pile
10: Students and Teachers Working Together to Determine Learning: Bellaire PS, Victoria: Jane Warren
12: Minister to Attend Victorian State SRC Congress: VicSRC
14: Victorian Regional SRC Conferences and Clusters: Fiona Waugh, Jennesse Cruz
15: Action Planning Resources: D.I.V.A. and E-asy: Roger Holdsworth
16: Tri-UMPH: Geelong Catholic Colleges, Victoria: Simon Cahir, Damian Flanders, Renee Pirrottina, Aleisha Smith, Jess Kearney
18: Dunoon SRC: Dunoon Public School, NSW: Genevieve Slocombe
20: Frenzy 2008: The Official Hansard: Second Strike
22: News and Reviews: Do It Yourself Democracy: Vivienne Browne

#175: February 2009:

3: Primary School Students Advise on Teacher Training: Learning Partnerships at St Margaret Mary's Primary School, Brunswick North: Maree Moore, Tania Rivett, Bern Murphy
9: Student Research and Action on Engagement Continues: Switched On/Switched Off Update: Jeff Jackson, Sam Ross
14: Student Voice: A 30-Year Journey: Heather Robertson
16: Plan to be Part of the VicSRC Action in 2009: VicSRC
17: Get Up-Stand Up: Mobilising the 'Me Generation': Genevieve Hudson
19: From Voice to Dialogue to ...: Indooroopilly State High School: Jan Hargreaves
22: News and Reviews: To the Student Representative Council ...; Form One Lane; The Wedge Workshop