Contents of Recent Issues: 2007

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#168: December 2007:

3: Student Initiatives in School Engagement: Jeff Jenkins and Michelle Smith
10: Jump Start!: David Mould - Second Strike
11: VicSRC Funded 2008-9: VicSRC
12: Setting Up and Supporting an SRC Cluster: Roger Holdsworth
13: Negotiating the Pedagogy: Nanango State HS, Qld: Ian Fraser
19: Youth Voice: Peer Research Into Youth Transitions
20: Learning Partnerships: Chloe Morriss
21: News and Reviews: Publications: Democracy & Education; Reaching High; Civic Engagement and Young People; Student Action Teams; Student Councils and Beyond

#166-167: August-October 2007:

3: 10 Ways to Kill Student Engagement: Adam Fletcher, SoundOut
5: What Do We Learn by Doing SATs?: Geoff Jones, Merryn Davies, Sue Cahill and teachers from the Darebin and Manningham SAT Values Clusters
21: Engaging Targeted Students Through Student Leadership: Noel Grannall
22: Student Leadership Council: Aldercourt PS: Ioshabel Pati
23: The Making of Student Leaders: Pascoe Vale Girls College: Michael Walton
25: NSW State SRC Conference: Ami Doshi
26: 2007 NSW SRC Report: NSW State SRC
28: Change and Switch: Linh Do
29: VicSRC State Congress 2007 and Beyond: Ashlee Frye, Emma Lewis, Doug Flakemore and VicSRC
33: Student Voice: Review: Roger Holdsworth
34: News and Reviews: ruMaD? Website Relaunched; Get Connected - Take Action!; PASTA Ceases Operations; Kids Teaching Kids - Addressing Our Environmental Crisis; Connect Website

#164-165: April-June 2007:

3: Lyndale Live: Karen Hall, Angela Dell'orefice
5: MeTV: Interactive Educational Television
7: 1000 Authors: Rod Cameron
8: Research by Students for Students
9: Connecting Cultures: Monica Chetty
11: VicSRC State Congress: VicSRC
14: North Coast NSW Regional SRC: Sasha Hunt
23: It's Your Human Right to Participate: Rys Farthing
29: Human Rights Youth Forum: Tiffany Overall
30: School Students Develop Stronger Voice: CMYI/Red Cross
31: Raffles International Conference: Michael Walton
32: CAMLB: Incandescent Lights Banned: Linh Do
33: Victorian Youth Environment Conference: Firestarter

15: PASTA Newsletter # 53: Pass the PASTA: 'Five Years on ...'; Model for Constitutional Workshop; 'Chop Off Your Head': PASTA; Charles Kingston
34: News and Reviews: Seminars and Conference; Postcard Campaign; Professor Jean Rudduck; Common Action Manual; Connect Website

#163: February 2007:

3: Environment Student Action Teams: Darebin Schools Network
8: SRCs: Working Together to be More Effective
10: SRCs: Don't DO it ... MANAGE it!: Roger Holdsworth
15: VicSRC: State Congress etc: James Tonson
15: Form One Lane: David Mould
16: NSW SRC: A Successful Year: Rizwan Niwaz
16: NSW Student Councils: Student Leadership Website

11: PASTA Newsletter # 52: Pass the PASTA; Civic and Moral Education in Japanese Public Schools: PASTA; Sandra Scribner
21: News and Reviews: Participation Research Project; Youth Workers in Schools; Play Now Act Now; Are We There Yet?; Connect Website; Reaching High Launch Wins Award