Contents of Recent Issues: 2006

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#162: December 2006:

3: Reaching High: Lyn Loger
4: Surviving Rounds: Glen Persall; Seb Haquin; Rohan Day
10: SYN-FM Crew Required; Big Issue
11: VicSRC Update; YDAS Website
12: Connect Publications
17: Year 10 Students Light Up Our Lives: Linh Do
18: Change a Million Lightbulbs and ruMaD?: Adrian Bertolini
19: The City Centre: Student partnerships and community: Liz Suda
20: Students Making a Difference: ruMaD?

11: PASTA Newsletter # 51: Pass the PASTA; Reporting, Rewarding and Responding; Speak Out; SRC Evaluation Tips; PASTA Membership: PASTA
25: News and Reviews: Are We There Yet?; SoundOut; SistaSpeak, VIYAC

#161: October 2006:

3: Student Action Teams: Across a Primary School: Bell Primary School, Preston, Vic: Leigh Black
4: Active Student Participation Through Self and Peer Assessment: Claire Murray
9: Students Shaping Their Communities: Launch of Student Action Teams Book: Connect
15: VicSRC Getting SRCs Together: James Tonson
16: International Democratic Education Conference: John Harris Loflin

11: PASTA Newsletter # 50: Sample Database for Continuous Record of Achievement; Responding [Communication and Cooperation]; A Note re PASTA's SRC Leadership Tours: PASTA
20: News and Reviews: Making Contact Corner; Are We There Yet?; Student Action Teams Manual Shifts; Connect Publications available

#160: August 2006:

3: Student Supporting Students: Roger Holdsworth
6: Thornbury High (Vic) Wins National Television Award: Paul van Eeden
7: Participation and Civic Engagement: Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Young People: Nadia Mohamed
17: VicSRC Appoints Project Officer: VicSRC
18: Models of Youth Participation: Harry Shier
19: I Wanna Make a Difference: But Where Do I Start?: Chris Varney

9: PASTA Newsletter # 49: How Do You Report What You Do?; 2006 Leadership Tour (Ella Colley); Effective Meetings 4: PASTA
20: News and Reviews: Looking for New SYNners; BUD Awards; LEAD; Launch Pad Grants; Doing It Differently; Publications available

#159: June 2006:

3: Our Values Education Journey ... So Far ...: A Student Action Teams Approach: Students and teachers from Manningham Cluster, Victoria
9: Inclusive Student Councils: Student Councils for All: School Councils UK
15: Miners, diggers, ferals and show-men: School-Community Projects in Tasmania: Pat Thomson
18: Consulting Students About Teaching and Learning: UK Consulting Pupils Research Project

11: PASTA Newsletter # 48: So What Have We Learnt?; Effective Meetings Part 3: PASTA
21: News and Reviews: Student Representation on Schools Boards of Trustees in New Zealand; Continuing to Inspire: MAD Day 2006; IDEC in Sydney: July 2006; Active Citizenship Education and Pupil Participation; 'What's Changed?' and 'Participation Works': Participation Outcomes; Publications available

#158: April 2006:

3: Student Action Teams: New Book from Connect: Connect
5: Lead the Way!: NSW State SRC: Sharmaine Aguanta
6: Accreditation and Student Voice: Enfield HS, SA: Nigel Howard
9: Student Radio: Radio Pupitre, Spain: Antonio Navarro Martinez
10: International Democratic Education Conference: AAPAE
15: The Charter for SRCs: An Activity: NSW State SRC

11: PASTA Newsletter # 47: Effective Meetings #2; SRC Member Folders: PASTA
21: News and Reviews: Student Leadership Developments in NSW; Learning Choices Expo 2006; Recent Reports and Resources: 'Outcomes for Young People from Youth Development Programs'; 'Young people, Schools and Local Government'; 'Unheard Voices' and 'SoundOut'

#157: February 2006:

3: International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC) in Sydney, July 2006: AAPAE
5: Student Radio: Bob Pryce
6: Student Action About Values: Sue Cahill, Geraldine Butler, Leesa Duncan
8: Auditing the SRC: David Mould and Teigan Leonard
10: Buddies at Preston South PS: Th�r�se West
10: Cross-Age Tutoring Programs: Roger Holdsworth
15: Youth Participation: Some of the underlying ideas: Roger Holdsworth
18: Towards Tools and Resources: A Quick Quiz: Rate Your Participation: Gerry de Kort and Roger Holdsworth

11: PASTA Newsletter # 46: Effective Meetings; Principles and Principals Part 2: PASTA
21: News and Reviews: ruMaD? and Values Education; Learning Choices Expo 2006; Form One Lane; Resource Kits for SRCs