Contents of Recent Issues: 2005

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#156: December 2005:

3: Youth Ambassadors Conference: ruMaD?
9: Frankston High School's SLC, Victoria: David O'Malley
15: Celebrating the International Year of Microcredit: Magill Junior PS, SA: Patricia Lutz and Heather Davies
17: Towards Tools and Resources: Assessing Your Progress: Incorporating and Sustaining Inclusive Student Voice Across Your School: Roger Holdsworth
21: Towards Tools and Resources: Running a Discussion: School Councils UK

11: PASTA Newsletter # 45: PASTA Membership; Communicating Effectively: PASTA
22: News and Reviews: News from ruMaD?; NSW Student Leadership Site Updated

#154-155: August-October 2005 (double issue):

3: Learning in Partnership: Helen Cahill
9: Open Letter on Pedagogy: DART Board
11: Student Action Teams Implementation: Roger Holdsworth
21: ruMAD? in Tasmania: Youngtown PS Making a Difference: Nathan Karas
23: Documenting, Defining, Informing and Challenging: Roger Holdsworth, Judy Simm, Katrina Cikes
25: Can Student Councils Make a Real Difference?: School Councils UK
26: VicSRC: First Congress Report: VicSRC
27: Student Leaders Unite: Debbie Knight
28: Publications Available from Connect: Connect

11: PASTA Newsletter # 44: Principles and Principals; PASTA American Tour 2005; Using Group Activities 4: PASTA
22: News and Reviews: Student Action Teams in SA; 'Student Voice - Beyond Tokenism'; Learning Choices Expo 2006

#153: June 2005:

3: Giving Student a Voice: Brighton PS, SA: Julie Murray
13: Student Councils and Beyond: Connect
15: Student Action Teams Tackle Environmental Issues: Leigh Black
15: We Have a Voice: Sue Cahill
16: ruMaD? in Tasmania: Are you making a difference?: Helen Hortle, Karen Reid
17: VicSRC Congress: VicSRC

9: PASTA Newsletter # 43: A Day of Renewal; Using Group Activities 3; USA to OZ Exchange Visit 2005 - Part 2: PASTA
18: News and Reviews: School Canteens and SRCs; 'Participation: Count Me In!'; AAPAE Annual Conference

#152: April 2005:

3: Students' Voices: Student Leadership in Primary Schools: Woodville PS, SA: Kaye Johnson
9: A Student Action Team: Investigating and supporting ... learning that makes a difference to someone: St Charles Borromeo PS, Templestowe, Vic: Sue Cahill
10: Form One Lane: David Mould
10: ruMAD? Checklist: ruMaD?
15: Year 9 Motor Mechanics Journey: Kambrya College, Berwick, Vic: Martin Rogers
18: Investing in Australia's Future: Rising Generations
19: A Beginning Teacher's Diary: Yvonne Wardlaw

11: PASTA Newsletter # 42: Using Group Activities 2; raising the Profile; USA to OZ Exchange Visit 2005: PASTA
22: News and Reviews: Designs on Learning; Useful Article on School Leadership and Governance; Children's Research Centre; Learning for Activism; I Was a Teenage Governor; Victorian School Council Review

#151: February 2005:

3: Planning the Year: Developing an SRC Calendar: David Mould
4: Junior Primary Action Teams: Magill Junior PS, SA: Susanne Rogers
6: Junior School Councils: An Investigation: Cara Robb
8: Investigating Frameworks for Student Leadership Development: Nikki Gemmill
9: Victorian SRC Update: Teigan Leonard
10: MAD Day 2005: ruMaD?
11: Student Engagement in the Middle Years: Authentic Student Voice: SA Professional Practice Workshops: ACE
12: ESSA: English Secondary Students' Association: Rajeeb Dey
17: Furniture for the Future: Architect for the Ages: Charles Kingston
24: International Student Voice On-line Conference: Richard Barber

13: PASTA Newsletter # 41: Leadership Training; using Group Activities: PASTA
26: News and Reviews: NSW State SRC 2006 - Forum with Senior DET Officers; School Councils UK - New Address; MAD Day 2005