Contents of Recent Issues: 2004

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#150: December 2004:

3: What we said ... 25 years ago this month!: Connect
4: Why Youth Participation Programs? and Student Participation: Important Problem-Solving: Tony Knight
6: 25 Years On! What Has Changed?: Therese West
8: Long Educational Journeys: Lyn Loger
9: Student Participation and the Architecture of Change: Julia Flutter
12: Student Leadership 1967-2004: Tony Gleeson
13: 25 Years Ago?! I Wasn't Even Born Then!: The Players, SA
13: Shouting About Something Important: Chris Varney
14: Fresh Tastes at School: The active role of students: NSW DET
14: Alternative Networking: Teigan Leonard, David Mould
19: Student Council Skills: School Councils UK
22: ruMAD? Vision and Youth Ambassadors' Conference: reMaD?
29: National Youth Participation Strategy: Dyanna Smith-McCue
29: National Civics and Citizenship Education Forum 2005: ACSA

15: PASTA Newsletter # 40: Give a Little Bit; Leaders know the way ... Go the way ... Show the way; Membership: PASTA
22: News and Reviews: SRCs and Binge Drinking; I Was a Teenage Governor; Student Council Skills Audit; MAD Day 2005

#149: October 2004:

3: Don't Deport Nak!!: Thornbury-Darebin College students campaign to keep their friend here in Australia: Paul van Eeden
4: Students Directing Their Community Curriculum: Nathalia TAFE Project, Vic; Get a Life!, Gold Creek School, ACT: Leah Wiliams, Dasy Ing, Colby Morphett; Kate Smith
6: Starting a New Way of Teaching and Learning: Roger Holdsworth, Warren Bardsley
9: Online Conference: Student Voice: Vivienne McQuade
10: Charter for SRCs: NSW State SRC
15: Banyule Youth Inquiry: DART, David Mould
16: Student role in the learning process: Informed Participatory Decision-Making: A problem-Solving Curriculum: Tony Knight
19: The Forum for Youth Investment: New publications on youth action: Kalisha Davis
20: Participation in Practice: YACVic, Victorian Office for Youth
21: Young people get All aBoard: NSW Commission for Children and Young People
21: Consulting Pupils: what's in it for schools?: Julia Flutter, Jean Ruddock

11: PASTA Newsletter # 39: An Australian Perspective on ISRC 04; Hands to Help; membership: PASTA
22: News and Reviews: Student Participation in School Planning and Design; Education and Social Action Conference 2004; Learning Choices; Policy at school

#148: August 2004:

3: Inclusive and Active Student Voice in South Australia: Roger Holdsworth, Vivienne McQuade
4: Navigating Student Voice and Beyond: Roger Holdsworth
8: Get a Life!: A new program for adolescents: Gold Creek School, ACT: Kate Smith
11: Reaching High Inc. Receives its First Grant: Lyn Loger
12: VicSRC Receives Major Grant: Teigan Leonard
12: Youth Affairs Council of Victoria: YACVic
17: NASPAC Conference 7 Postponed: David Mould
19: Report to 2004 State SRC Conference: Student Leaders: Partners in Change: NSW State SRC
24: Neat Notes, Nattering Newspapers, Newsy News Sites and the Like: Charles Kingston
25: Children as Partners: DVD Available: Daniel Bolotin

13: PASTA Newsletter # 38: With trust, best wishes and high expectations; Motivation Matters: Part 1: Go On In - the Water's Fine; The Scroll Marked XI; Fresh Start 2004: PASTA
26: News and Reviews: Checking the Scoreboard; Education and Social Action Conference 2004; AAPAE Annual Conference; Help us help kids to have a say

#147: June 2004:

3: Victorian Students MAD: Changing the World: r.u.MaD?
4: Student Inquiry: Leading the Community: Miles Franklin PS, ACT: Melissa Travers
6: NASPAC: Now We Are Seven!: David Mould
7: Frenzy (Victoria): Teigan Leonard
8: Student Councils: Proud of ... Critical Of ...
10: Global Education Conference; Policy at School; Disillusioned?: Elizabeth Atkinson
15: Student Participation in the Developing World: Chris Varney
16: Networked Learning Communities (England): A Tool to Help Students and Teachers to Create a Vision for Student Involvement

11: PASTA Newsletter # 37: Pass the PASTA; Cross-Cultural Matters and Issues; 2005 PASTA USA Tour; Membership: PASTA
26: News and Reviews: UK Websites to promote Student Involvement; Education and Social Action Conference 2004; ISRC 2004

#145-146: February-April 2004:

3: FEATURE: What's Wrong with SRCs and JSCs?:
4: Restructuring Student Councils to Avoid Elitism
5: DART: David Mould
6: Tuning In to Distant Voices: Annette Bulling
8: Community Groups: Helen Widdison
9: SRC at Asquith Girls High School: Rana Saleh
10: Creating a Student Foundation: r.u.MAD?
12: Student Action Teams: Sue Cahill, Roger Holdsworth
14: Mapping the School: Roger Holdsworth
16: James Fallon High School: Freya Hunter

29: Taking the SRC Seriously: Melissa Haberfield
31: Do Something Real!: Chris Varney
31: David Hookes' Legacy: Tony Gleeson
32: NSW SRC 2004 Report: Jess Carter/Zhien-U Teoh
33: Conferences and Workshops: Yaacov Hecht (NSW); SRCs and Beyond (SA); NASPAC 7 (ACT)
34: Inclusive Committee Procedures for Students
35: Student Councils and Education for Democracy: Derry Hannam
38: Students and Educational Policy-Making: Canada: Stuart Critchley

17: PASTA Newsletter # 36: Pass the PASTA; Professional Development; Let's Get Critical/Fresh Start 2004; Quality Standards for an SRC; Orientation is SRC Development; 2nd International SRC Conference; Advice for Advisors; PASTA Resources and Calendar; Teacher/Student Writing; PASTA Membership: PASTA
26: News and Reviews: Student Action Teams Manual; Websites; Form One Lane