Contents of Recent Issues: 2003

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#143-144: October-December 2003:

3: Traffic Safety Student Action Teams FEATURE: Roger Holdsworth
3: Summarising the Year's Activities: Roger Holdsworth
6: School Reports

16: SRCs: How to Elect an SRC: Chris Varney
16: SRCs: Interschool Organising: Dale Mills
25: Make It Real: Rosetta High School, Tas: Graham Speight
28: r.u.MAD?: 2003 Outcomes; 2004 Plans
31: Policy at Schools: Policy launch Song: Marty Conboy, Matt Thomas
32: Policy at School: Eve Fisher, Jessica Tammens
34: ACSA Conference: Workshop report
36: Leadership in the 21st Century: Aquinas College, WA: Mark Dell-Oro

17: PASTA Newsletter # 35: Pass the PASTA; Raising the Bar on Accountability; Second International SRC; Advice for Advisers; Quotes and Website; PASTA Membership: PASTA; Ken Page; Jeff Sherrill
38: News and Reviews: Talkback Classroom and Student Virtual Parliament; Secondary Student Newsletters - Query; Sharing a New Story; Meaningful Student Involvement

#142: August 2003:

3: FEATURE: Classroom Meetings
3: Real Change Begins Here: Kerrie Hall
4: Meetings, Tribes, Community Circles: Lisa Brown
5: Discovering Democracy: Mercy Woodman
6: Thinking Hats in Classroom Meetings: Kerry Curran
8: Let Them Make a Difference: Susie Silverii
10: Using De Bono's Six Thinking Hats: Michelle Buckley

9: The Virtual Student Parliament: Ralph McKay
10: St Gregory the Great PS Student Council: Shane Tobin

11: SRCs and Class Meetings:
11: Great in Theory, Great in Action, Great Meetings: Teigan Leonard
12: Feeding Back SRC Results Through Class Meetings: Chris Varney

17: Students Report on Research: Darebin Student Action Teams, Vic: Roger Holdsworth
19: Student Networking: Why and How?: Roger Holdsworth, Chris Varney, Teigan Leonard
21: ACSA Conference: workshop call
22: NSW Student Leadership and Participation Day: Kaila Murnain and NSW SRC

13: PASTA Newsletter # 34: Pass the PASTA; 'What Did I Actually Learn?'; PASTA News/Updates/Membership: PASTA; Ken Page
25: News and Reviews: NSW Writing Competition; Student Action Teams: Phase 2 Report; School Councils, School Democracy, School Improvement; Best Practice Examples of Inclusion Needed; Web; ACSA Conference

#141: June 2003:

3: Children 'seen and heard': Adelaide City Council: North Adelaide Primary School, SA: Suzi Vladimirov and Jacquie Holdich
8: YEA means Youth Environment Activists and Empowered Students: Christies Beach High School, SA: Kerry Rochford and Vivienne McQuade
9: ACSA Conference: Workshop Proposal
10: Civics and Citizenship in the Early Years: Reception to Year 2: Magill Junior Primary School, SA: Patricia Lutz
15: Don't Have Time? Borrow Some from Kelso: Kelso High School, NSW: Charles Kingston
16: Issues, Questions and Comments: Letters to Connect: Heather Browell, Todd Wright
17: A Statewide SRC: Possible or Pipedream?: Zack Pretlove
18: Youth Leading Planning for Environmental Projects in the Riverina: Ben Taylor
19: Student Councils Have 'Significant Effect' on Behaviour and Attitudes: Gideon Lyons
19: Students Building Just Communities: Nigel Howard
20: Teacher/Student Writing: Charles Kingston

11: PASTA Newsletter # 33: Pass the PASTA; Oz-US SRC Interaction; James Fallon HS SRC: PASTA; Ken Page; Amy Bott; Freya Hunter and Adisa Hubanic
21: News and Reviews: NLC; SEAA Conference; IDE; ACER; IDEC; WA Youth Services; AAPAE: Creating Communities Through Education; VicSRC; ACSA Conference

#140: April 2003:

3: Student Action Teams Tackling Road Safety: Darebin Schools Network, Vic
5: Democracy Begins at School: Robin Grille
8: Haileybury SRC Conference, Vic: Jeffrey Leong
9: Taking Action: NSW State SRC: Tarah Pickett
15: Students Are Doing It For Themselves in Europe: News about student councils, networks, action in Ireland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Norway, England
17: Establishing a Theoretical Framework for Student Involvement in Educational Policy-Making: Stuart Critchley

11: PASTA Newsletter # 32: Pass the PASTA; Benefits to Schools and Communities 2; PASTA Membership: PASTA; Ken Page
22: News and Reviews: Information Sources - Children's and Young People's Media Production; Rethinking Student Leadership; SEAA Conference, ACSA Conference, NLC

#139: February 2003:

3: Student Council Survey: School Councils UK
6: Practical Ideas for SRCs: Lauren Ross
7: Glimpses of Student Participation in 30 Schools
9: Radio and Sound!: SYN FM
10: MadDay Alert: r.u.MAD?
10: Form One Lane: VISTA
15: 2003 NSW SRC Report: Ruth Tuulau
17: Real Life Lessons Vital for Students: Rebecca Heinrich
18: Operation Boredom: Golden Grove High School, SA: Merydith Willoughby
19: Start the Year with a Boost: Second Strike Productions
20: Building Trust and Empowerment: Mitch Musulin

11: PASTA Newsletter # 31: Pass the PASTA; Benefits to Schools and Communities; PASTA Membership: PASTA; Ken Page
22: News and Reviews: School Councils US; IDEC 2003; Participation of Young People in the Planning and Delivery of Youth Services and in the Media; River health Conference 2003; SEAA Conference; ACSA Conference