Contents of Recent Issues: 2002

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#138: December 2002:

3: Students Teaching About Civics and Citizenship: Junior Council Representation on Local Council: Drouin West Primary School and Warragul Regional College: Colleen Crookstone, Tim Murphy, Peter Deegan
7: Making a Difference in Keilor Downs: Taking Action in Our Community: Mary McKillop Primary School: Michelle Buckley and Carmel Esler
15: Amnesty International Fundraising and Community Awareness Project: Sydney Road Community School, Vic: Ralph Gotlib
16: Amnesty Conference: Loyola College, Vic: Julia Ellingsen
17: Student Participation and Active Citizenship: ACT Discovering Democracy Conference: Katherine Schoo
18: Student Action Teams Phase 2; 'Who's In? Who's Out?': Youth Research Centre
19: Student Foundations; Whitfield Primary School: r.u.MAD?
20: Haileybury College SRC Conference: Yanni Galanis
21: National Leadership Camp: Banana Power

11: PASTA Newsletter # 30: Pass the PASTA; Communication Problems?; Leadership After School; Advice for Advisers: PASTA; Ken Page; Anna Dickinson
22: News and Reviews: Youth Participation Certificate Discussion Paper; NASPAC 6 The Bucket; Student Action Teams Manual; Taking Young People Seriously ...; Education Revolution; Students in Germany Raise Their Voices

#137: October 2002:

3: NASPAC 6: Report
5: Radical Connectedness: David Zyngier
13: Beginning Teachers: What Does Student Participation Mean To Us? Part 2
19: NSW SRC Report: 2002 Conference: Amy Martin
24: International Democratic Education Conference: Tamariki, 2002: Andy Moffat, David and Lynette Gribble
26: 30 Years of Student Participation: Sydney Road Community School, Vic: Lyn Scott and Ralph Gotlib
27: Taking a Risk: Building Collaboration in Adolescent Mental Health Education: Mitch Musulin

15: PASTA Newsletter # 29: Pass the PASTA; A Young Leader Speaks: Participation Must Involve Shared Ownership of Decisions; Student Welfare Consultant: Student leadership; PASTA Calendar: PASTA; Ken Page; Iktimal Hage-Ali; Bob Ross
30: News and Reviews: r.u.MAD? Youth Referance Group; SRC Teacher Advisor Forum PD; International Conference; Connections That Count

#135-136: June-August 2002:

5: Empowering Young Students to Become Active Citizens Through Real-World Problem Solving: Nancy Nagel

9: FEATURE: Beginning Teachers: What does student participation mean to us?

18: Revolutionising School-Based Research: Beth Crane
27: r.u.MAD?: A Toolkit for Change not Charity: John Davidson
28: Taking Democracy in Hand: Youth Action for Education Change in the US: Joel Tolman
33: SRCs: Getting the Active Support of the Principal: Paul Tresidder
34: Features of an Successful Student Participation Model: Cathey Dragasia
36: Student Council Training Events and Opportunities: eMpower, Form One Lane, UK
38: Student Consultation: What's In It For Us?: Jean Ruddock
39: Questions to Help Clarify Student Interests: VISE, 1981: Peter Cole
42: Student Voice in British Columbia, Canada

19: PASTA Newsletter # 28: Pass the PASTA; Leadership at Aquinas; Positive Empowerment; Smaller Steps; PASTA Membership and Calendar; Reconciliation Day: PASTA; Ken Page; Mark Dell'Oro; Banana Power; Emily Onikul; Mrs M Bonnor
40: News and Reviews: YACVic Youth Referance Group; Tenth International Democratic Education Conference; Education Foundation 2002 Summit; Active Citizenship; OBESSU Publications; Citizenship Resource Materials

#133-134: February-April 2002:

3: Organising for Success: Structures for Student Councils: Roger Holdsworth
9: Some Positive Thoughts: Charles Kingston
12: Bob Goes to Camp: Berwick Secondary College Student Voice: Janelle Kenny
13: 2001 a Great Year; 2002 Aiming Higher: NSW State SRC Report: Rod Batkin and Stuart Hearne
14: VSSN Report: Dale Mills
15: Protecting Our Freedom and Democracy: from Democracy and Education: Jean Ann Hunt
16: The Culture of Peace: Eng Lee
18: Cultural Awareness for Understanding
27: Remembering STC: 20 Years On: Student Participation in the STC Course, 1981: Roger Holdsworth and Paul Reid
32: Consulting Pupils About Teaching and Learning: ESRC Network Project, UK: Jean Ruddock, Julia Flutter et al
36: Power to the Little People: Christine Finighin
37: ACT Active Citizenship Conference: Katherine Schoo
38: Student Foundation: The Grange P-12, Vic: Frank Vetere
39: Primary School SRC Conference: Anthony Samson
40: Youth Participation in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme: Timothy Dean and Kate Stone
41: What Do Young People Know?: Youth Participation in Anglicare Services: Maureen Fischer

19: PASTA Newsletter # 27: Pass the PASTA; The Hosting Experience; Advice for Advisers; Student Leadership Skills - Workshop; PASTA Calendar; Curriculum Focus: PASTA; Jeanne Bow
42: News and Reviews: Youth in Decision-Making; Purposeful Learning Approaches; School-Community Resource