Contents of Recent Issues: 2001

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#132: December 2001:

3: International River Health Conference: Closes in Stunning Style: Arron Woods
6: Refugee Forum 2001: Sydney Road Community School: Ralph Gotlib
7: An Inclusive Approach to Youth Participation: Centre for Multicultural Youth Issues: Sue Drummond
10: Productive Learning: Writing and Publishing: Roger Holdsworth
12: Community Problem-Solving: Gresswell JSC Cluster
17: Perspective: What has become of our schools today?Neil Pharoah
18: Leading Students to Excitement and Adventure: The SLC at Frankston High: Kimberley Gillan
19: Peer Drug Education Participation Project: Bellarine Secondary College: Jack Gee
20: Student Voice, Student Agency, Student Research: Eliza Smith

13: PASTA Newsletter # 26: Pass the PASTA; Professional Participation Support Needs: Survey; September 11: PASTA; Jeanne Bow; James Windfield
25: News and Reviews: YACSA YPAG; UK Letter; VSSN; Kickstart the School Year with Banana Power

#131: October 2001:

3: Youth Charter for the People of Mildura: Centenary of Federation: Young People in the Mildura District Speak Out
12: How We Elect Our JSC: Mooroopna Park PS: Emily
17: r.u.MAD? Program: Making a Difference in the Community: David Zyngier
19: European Roundup: Denmark, Norway, Slovenia, England ...: OBESSU
21: SRCs and Curriculum: Charles Kingston

13: PASTA Newsletter # 25: Pass the PASTA; Student Groups Throughout the US Rally Support; PASTA Membership; PD Activity: PASTA; Jeanne Bow; Lyn Fiscus
25: News and Reviews: Foundation for Young Australians; Seeking Focus Group Participants; Youth Workers in Schools Network; Youth Australia E-mail Group; Time to Abolish War Youth Agenda Kit; SPIDE Pilot Schools Complete Training

#130: August 2001:

3: Paving the Way: Victorian State Student Conference Report
11: NSW State SRC Conference: Student Leadership is Alive Within the Public Education System: Amy Wadwell

11: Being Reflective Through Systematic Inquiry and Writing: Les Vozzo
21: Winter Camp: Berwick SC, Vic: Cathey Dragasia
22: Classroom as Community: Developing Citizens and Learners: Alison Sewell, Massey University, NZ
27: SRCs and Community: Charles Kingston
29: Student Action Teams (SATs): Evaluation report and Acting for Change: SAT 'How To' Manual: Youth Research Centre

19: PASTA Newsletter # 24: Pass the PASTA; 2001 PASTA Tour to North America: Student President's Report; Games You Can Play; PD Opportunity; You Tell Us; Calendar of Upcoming Events; PASTA Membership Form: PASTA; Jeanne Bow; Lachlan Wallage
28: News and Reviews: Children Make Radio in Spain; ACSA: Education Futures and New Citizenships; Training for Student Councils in Victoria; Youth Researching Youth; Youth Participation Handbook; Resource material for Active Citizenship

#129: June 2001:

3: Citizenship as Community of Practice: Pat Thomson
7: 2nd Junior Eco Club Asia Pacific Conference: Port Vincent PS, SA: Samantha Germein, Sam Cosh
8: Memorial Mysteries: Port Vincent PS, SA: Rebecca Elvin, Carolyn Jansons, Laura Hocking
10: Students as Researchers Approach: Jan Marquis
15: Student Voice Still 'Leading the Way': Berwick Secondary College, Vic: Danie Bunting, Dale Mills
16: Student Participation R-2: Peer Mediation and SRC at Magill Junior PS, SA: Dee Cooper, Patricia Lutz
18: JSC Conference: Coburg North PS, Vic
19: Paving the Way: Victorian Statewide Student Conference
20: School Spirit: No Longer Just a Dream: NSW State SRC Conference: James Vilcek

11: PASTA Newsletter # 23: Pass the PASTA; Thinking Globally, Acting Locally; Teaching Leadership; Calendar of Upcoming Events; PASTA Membership Form: PASTA; Jeanne Bow; Anna Samson; Above and Beyond
21: News and Reviews: 3rd World Conference Against Racism; ACSA Conference; Education Futures and New Citizenships Supporting Student Participation in Victoria - Raise Your Voice, Second Strike; ausschools e-mail

#128: April 2001:

3: Student Information Officers: Knox Youth Services: Richard Hill and Debbie Seddon
4: ACT Student Network and SRC: Steve Dawson
5: JSC and SRC Conferences: Helga Moss
6: JSC and Peer Mediation
15: Student Action Teams: Altona Secondary College; Karingal Park Secondary College; Kyneton Secondary College; Melton Secondary College; Ovens Secondary College; Princes Hill Secondary College; Wanganui Park Secondary College; Weeroona College

11: PASTA Newsletter # 22: Pass the PASTA; ISRC Recommendations and Future Directions; PASTA Noticeboard: PASTA; Jeanne Bow; Ralph Murray
8: News and Reviews: National Youth Conference; Bridging the Gap; ACSA Conference; 'Education Futures and New Citizenships'; Active Citizenship Resources

#127: February 2001:

3: Off to a Good Start:
3: Getting Your Student Council Going in 2001
5: Starting from Scratch
6: A Primary School Student Council

7: Network of Children's Participation in Brazil: Paula Claycomb
8: Challenges for Young People: Problems for Us All: Peter Baume
21: Essay: Thinking Like Darwin: Struggle and Survival in Democratic Classrooms: Steven Wolk

9: PASTA Newsletter # 21: Pass the PASTA; PD: Leadership Class Lessons; ISRC: The Countdown is Over - Evaluations - Action Beyond - Scenes and Faces - Resolutions/Ideas for Action - To Future Leaders; PASTA Noticeboard; PASTA Membership Form: PASTA; Jeanne Bow; Kathy Coll; Charles Kingston; Anna Samson; Larry King
27: News and Reviews: ACSA Conference: 'Education Futures and New Citizenships'; AERG Change of Address