Contents of Recent Issues: 2000

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#126: December 2000:

3: ISRC 2000: 13-17 December 2000:
3: SRCs: Building a Better Today: Charles Kingston
4: All Together Now: General Sessions
5: Lectures/Workshops/Roundtables/Panels
7: Targeted Audiences Action Groups
8: Melting Pots

11: What Do We Mean by 'Student Participation'?: Roger Holdsworth
17: Perspectives: Standing Up!: Leigh Gatt
18: Imagination and Initiative: Grant HS, SA: Paul Jupe, David Howie

9: PASTA Newsletter # 20: Pass the PASTA; Community Service Certificate (CSC); SRC American Tours; PASTA Membership Form: PASTA; Charles Kingston; Ken Page
20: News and Reviews: Teacher Exchange Wanted; Democratic Schools Conference; ACSA Conference: 'Education Futures and New Citizenships'; 'Youth Participation' and 'Youth Policy Formulation' Manuals; Missing Connect?; WREN/IDEC

#124-125: August-October 2000:

- 3: Are We Really Going To Do This?: North Street School, Fielding NZ: Alison Sewell, Sue Fuller, Rosemary Murphy, Barb Funnell
- 8: The Sound of One Hand Clapping: Beaconhills College, Vic: Garry Black, Cheryl Madden, Margaret King
- 12: Negotiating the Curriculum at the Grange: The Grange P-12 College, Vic: Tony Edwards, Romina Pimpini
- 13: Sharing Responsibility ... Negotiation - Implicit in the Curriculum ...: Sherbrooke Community School, Vic: Viv hammat, Jillian Starr, Andy Moffat

7: A Vibrant SRC: Wonthaggi PS: Bill Jeffs
15: Student Action Team: Heatherhill SC: Samantha Dunstan, Julia Nguy
16: Thinkquest: Ballarat SC: Alice Barnes
29: Victorian State SRC Forum: Erica McCalman
30: Form One Lane 2: David Mould
31: Participate, It's Great: NSW State SRC Conference 2000: Stuart Hearne, Rod Batkin, Ken Boston

- 35: What's Happening in Queensland State Education?: Professor Allan Luke, Lisa Hunter
- 38: The SRC: A Student's View: Emma vander Veldt
- 39: Student Participation and Democracy: Erica McCalman

17: PASTA Newsletter # 19: Pass the PASTA; SRC American Tour; Spirit Week: Alstonville HS; ISRC 2000 Update: A Varied Menu; News from the Apple Isle; Advice for Advisers; PASTA Membership Form: PASTA; Jeanne Bow; Allison Corkery; Lauren Rose; Trish Wilcox; Lori Kiblinger
40: News and Reviews: Websites Run by Young People; 'Teaching for Democratic Empowerment and Resistance'; Link Up; 'Taking Children Seriously'; Speak Out

#123: June 2000:

3: Student Voice: South Australian Students Have Their Say on the Education Act: Adam Kilvert
5: The Possibilities of Youth Partnership Accountability for Mental Health Services: Kathleen Stacey

7: Leading the Way: Berwick SC, Vic: Cathey Dragasia
17: Student Council Documents: Hambledon State P-7 School, Qld
18: Wise Counsel Beyond Their Year ...: Lanyer School, Darwin, NT: Henry Gray
19: The New Basics: Education Queensland
20: Form One Lane: PD Seminar Report
21: Victorian State SRC Update: David Mould

9: PASTA Newsletter # 18: Pass the PASTA; The Trip of a Lifetime; SRC 2000 Bulletin; 20 Things Advisers/Students Can Do; PASTA Memberships - now due: PASTA; Jeanne Bow; Ken Page
22: News and Reviews: IDEC 2000; UK Student Council Research Study; HSReform-Talk; Peer Support Seminar; Democracy in Education Conference

#122: April 2000:

3: Reflections of a JSC Guide: Mooroopna Park PS, Vic: Vicki Soule
6: Student Leadership: Tongala PS, Vic: Maree Downey, Gail Anderson
7: Making the School a Good Place for All: Carol Humphreys
8: Our JSC in 2000: Eltham East PS JSC
8: Because We Help Others: Preston South PS JSC
9: What Democracy Means to Me: Hambledon State School, Qld: Emily Jaye, Anne Holden
21: Celebrating the SRC: Cowandilla CPC-7 School, SA
22: We Want To Tell You ...: Gold Creek School and Belconnen HS SRCs, ACT
24: Learning Democracy is More Than Just Learning About Democracy: Derry Hannam
29: Form One Lane: PD Seminar

13: PASTA Newsletter # 17: Pass the PASTA; Tips for Treasurers; SRC 2000 Bulletin: Program; Leadership Grab Bag; Thinking Outside the Square: PASTA; Jeanne Bow; John L Waters
30: News and Reviews: Action Exchange

#121: February 2000:

3: SCRAM!: Sherbrooke Community School, Vic: ZoŽ Cooper
5: DART: Jessica Standfield
6: Profile: Brett Scott
7: Learning Democracy: Derry Hannam
8: Profile: David Mould
10: Making a Difference: Student Voice: Berwick Secondary College, Vic: Claire Manson
19: Classroom Questionnaires: A Basis for Student Negotiation: Steve Wilson
24: Youth Rights Station on the Internet

11: PASTA Newsletter # 16: Pass the PASTA; Camps: Building a Future; SRC 2000 Bulletin - Program; Conflict resolution; What Have I Done?: PASTA; Jeanne Bow; jackson Stace, Kelly Sutherland; Dusty Perry; Lana White
25: News and Reviews: The Democratic Classroom: Bob Semmens; Democratic Schools: Derry Hannam; First National Youth as Resources Conference