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#120: December 1999:

3: Student Lerd Conferences: Reporting: Point Clare PS, NSW: Denise Bentlin
4: Ten Years Ago Today: Roger Holdsworth
5: NSW SRC: Council Meeting: NSW SRC
6: Tasmanian Statewide SRC: Kristy-Jane Courto, Kelly West
7: Victorian Student Leadership Project: Ross Appleby
19: Choice Awareness: Bob Semmens
19: Stop Being a Token SRC: Katelin Organ
20: Student Participation for Decision-Making in Learning: Lisa Hunter
21: International Youth Parliamewnt 2000
22: Youth Millennium Project: Helen Kwag
23: MYPC: Ishaan Nangia, Hannah Neville
24: History of Student Representation: Greg Arrow
25: Connecting Students and Community: Red Cross Community Action: Mandy Reed, Sue Hubble, Ruth Richter

11: PASTA Newsletter # 15: Pass the PASTA; How Do We Compare?/Survey; SRC 2000 Bulltin: support from Major Organisations/News; Conference Application Forum; Making a Difference: PASTA; Ralph Murray
27: News and Reviews: National Youth Week 2000 Rick Harrison

#119: October 1999:

3: Our Voice for Our Future: David Mould
4: Beyond JSCs: Preston-Reservoir JSC Network
8: SAPSSO: Matt Wenham
8: JSC Seminar: Mooroopna Park PS JSC
17: Starting a Student Council: The Bialik College Experience: Ari Sharp
19: Brighton Secondary School SRC: Matt Wenham, Hannah Mitchell-Steiner
20: Student Action Teams: Karingal Park SC; Weeroona College; Braybrook College; Berwick SC: Jenny Caulfield; Marlene McLaughlan; Rowena Archer; Cathey Dragasia

9: PASTA Newsletter # 14: Pass the PASTA; SRC American Tour 1999: And How Have We Used It?; SRC 2000 Bulletin: Where Do You Fit In?; Calendar of Key Dates; 2000 USA SRC Trip: PASTA; Ralph Murray; Charles Kingston; Ken Page
22: News and Reviews: A Guide to Effective Community-Based Learning; SRC Decision-Making Approaches at Gold Creek School (ACT); Student Participation E-Mail Group

#118: August 1999:

3: Student Networking: Why?: Connect
4: Schools for Democracy: From Rhetoric to Reality: Derry Hannam
10: Wangaratta Junior Council: Megan Knight
10: JSC Radio Show: Ricky Commerford, Dannielle Ciavarella
23: You Are Not Alone: Beechworth Secondary College: Elly Taylor, Bonnie Serong
24: Mooroopna Park PS JSC: Nicole Ryan, Bianca Simpson
24: Schooling for Democracy: Emmaus Catholic College
25: Youth Involvement in Policy Making: Lessons from Ontario School Boards: Elder C Marques

11: PASTA Newsletter # 13: Pass the PASTA; SRC American Tour 1999: So, What Have We Learnt?; SRC 2000 Bulletin: Your Chance!; Representation is a Tricky Business; How Do You Rate?: PASTA; Ralph Murray; Charles Kingston; Dr Earl Reum
29: News and Reviews: Australian American Community Education Grants; Human Rights Awards: Youth Medal; Conference on Student Tutoring and Mentoring; E-Mail Group; Being Fair; 2nd National Youth Reconciliation Convention

#117: June 1999:

3: Our Voice for Our Future: Conference: David Mould
4: NASPAC V Revisited: David Mould, Melissa Manley, Jenny Nam, Phillip Nam
6: Student Forum: Participation at Paralowie R-12 School, SA: Gael Little, Kirsty Mudge
25: The Student Focused School: Ariane Welch
26: Millennium Young People's Congress: Andrew Hudson
28: Our SRC: Mentone Girls Secondary College, Vic: Karishma Segran
28: Eastern Region Student Council

9: PASTA Newsletter # 12: Pass the PASTA; An Education in Leadership; SRC American Tour 1999; SRC 2000 Bulletin; SRC 2000 Draft Program; CADA Conference; Application Form; Who Makes the SRC?: PASTA; Ralph Murray; Ken Page; Charles Kingston; Peter King; Dr Jacqui Triffitt
29: News and Reviews: 'Children and Media' Yearbook; ACSA Conference; E-Mail List; 'The Democratic Classroom'; 'Students Decide'

#116: April 1999:

3: NASPAC V: Hobart - Going Beyond Tokenism?
5: JSC Student Forum Day:: Preston-Reservoir JSC Network
6: 33 Curriculum Approaches: Enhancing Effective Student Participation: Roger Holdsworth
10: Inclusive Committee Procedures
19: Karingal Park SC SLC: Ready for 1999; Ideas for Struggling SRCs: Scott Bourne, Carlin Drew
21: Victorian Youth Conference: David Mould
22: How Do We Know What We Have Achieved?: Roger Holdsworth
24: Our Junior School Council: Eltham East PS JSC students

11: PASTA Newsletter # 11: Pass the PASTA; Living National Treasures; SRC 2000 Bulletin; Conference Application Form; Diversity is Strength; American Student Leadership Tour: PASTA; Ralph Murray; Charles Kingston; Mary Ledger
25: News and Reviews: The Active Learner; ACSA Conference; E-Mail List; PASTA Internet Site; Parliamentary Education Office; National Youth Congress

#115: February 1999:

3: NASPAC V: Hobart April 7-9, 1999: Kelly West
4: Angela's Story: Paralowie R-12 School, SA: Gael Little
5: Students Evaluating Teachers: Johanne Klap
8: OBESSU: European Students
10: Students Know Best! Don't They?: Evaluation of Education Quality: OBESSU
21: A Danish Model for Student Action: Michael Skott
22: Training JSC Members: Part 3: Main Themes: Roger Holdsworth, Preston-Reservoir JSC Network

13: PASTA Newsletter # 10: Pass the PASTA; PASTA Makes History in Hansard; SRC 2000 Bulletin; CASAA; 1999 USA SRC Tour Itinerary; PASTA Membership: PASTA; Ralph Murray
29: News and Reviews: Using Student Voice; ACSA Conference; E-Mail List; Taking Children Seriously; How Do Your Children Grow?