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#114: December 1998:

3: Bal Sansad: The Children's Parliament of the Barefoot College: Tilonia, Rajasthan, India: Catherine O'Brien
6: Youth Declaration: UNESCO-ACEID Conference
7: NASPAC V: Hobart April 7-9, 1999: Kelly West
9: Youth Reconciliation Convention: Kormilda College, NT: Shaan Myall
10: Student Empowerment: NSW P&C Federation: Rodney Molesworth
19: Training JSC Members: Part 2: Activities - Talking to Tell: Roger Holdsworth and Preston-Reservoir JSC Network
22: Tackling the Big Issues: NSW State SRC: Inform, NSW DET

11: PASTA Newsletter # 9: Pass the PASTA; Planning a Workshop; SRC 2000 Bulletin; Principals and Principles Revisited; PASTA Membership: PASTA; Ralph Murray; NASC
29: News and Reviews: Constitutional Centenary Foundation; ACSA Conference 1999; Millennium Young People's Congress; Have Your Voice Heard!!

#113: October 1998:

3: NASPAC V: Hobart April 14-16, 1999: Kim Roberts, Kelly West
6: The Voice of Youth: 3TD-FM and Talkback Classroom: Kat K, Tanya T, David Demenna, Emily Rhoden, Hugh McGinlay
9: Doing the Student Participation 2-Step: Roger Holdsworth
10: Greetings from the USA!: Ron Roots
23: Revitalizing SRCs: Karl Schubert
24: Training JSC Members: Part 1: Games Roger Holdsworth and Preston-Reservoir JSC Network

9: PASTA Newsletter # 8: Pass the PASTA; Oz to USA 1998: Learnings; International SRC Conference 2000; SRCs Around the World: USA; PASTA Membership: PASTA; Ralph Murray; Jeanne Bow
22: News and Reviews: Silk Roads Legends Youth Camp; Youth 98 Youth Reference Group Report; ACSA Conference 1999; AYPAC's Declaration for an Inclusive Society; Public Spaces for Young People; National Children's Summit; Wangaratta Youth Participation project - update; Kidpower; Challenging Young Women

#112: August 1998:

3: Wangaratta District Youth Participation: Country Connections, Vic: Jan Osmotherly
23: Giving Young People a Voice: The Talkback Classroom Project: Kate Mildenhall, Stephen Cutting
26: SRCs Organising: David Mould
28: Helping Children Resolve Conflict: Carol Perry

13: PASTA Newsletter # 7: Australian SRCs Make History; The Magic of '98: A Dream Fulfilled; International SRC Conference 2000; PASTA Membership: Ralph Murray; Ken Page
29: News and Reviews: Secondary Education and Youth at the Crossroads; Australian Youth Parliament for the Environment; Schools Wanted: Innovation and Best Practice; Student Participation E-Mail Discussion list; State of the World Forum; Emerging Leaders; From the Edge

#111: June 1998:

3: "What's the Point?": Student Cynicism About Political Participation: Suzanne Mellor
8: A Tasmanian Statewide SRC: Jaimee Scaife
10: ACSA: Student Participation E-Mail List
15: Letters from Jenny Nam and her American host family: Jenny Nam
16: Oz to Oz On-Line: West Bathurst PS
17: International Participation: An Education in Leadership: Bathurst HS
18: Under Our Skin: Racism Seminar: The Shaping Tomorrow Today Association: Jenny Sharwood
21: 'Drugs Exist': NSW State SRC Conference Report 1997
22: Why have an SRC Constitution?: David Mould

11: PASTA Newsletter # 6: Pass the PASTA; SRC American Tour 1998, 1999; Advice for Advisers; International SRC Conference 2000: PASTA; Ralph Murray; Charles Kingston

#110: April 1998:

3: New Generation Conference: Werribee, Vic: Viv Sercombe, Greg U'Ren, Mark Collie
15: Two Challenges: 'Voice': Roger Holdsworth
17: US-NASC Trip 1999: Calls for Expressions of Interest: Ken Page
18: Seven Thousand Heads Have to be Better Than One ...: An ACT SRC - Draft proposal: Todd Wright

11: PASTA Newsletter # 5: Pass the PASTA; 1999 USA Tour; SRC American Tour 1998; International SRC Conference 2000; PASTA Membership: PASTA
22: News and Reviews: An Anti-Violence Kit: For Students, By Students; National Youth Forum; Youth '98

#109: February 1998:

See: Giant Double Issue: #108-109: December 1997-February 1998: