Contents of Recent Issues: 1997

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#108-109: December 1998 - February 1998:

3: Moving the SRC Along: Ungarie Central School, NSW: Peter King
8: Walking Tall: Towards a Non-Violent Society: The Shaping Tomorrow Today Association
9: Young Leaders' Forum: The 'I' Concept, East Gippsland, Vic: Liesel Collings
11: NASPAC 4 ... and after: Lucinda Bartram, Steven Phillips, Aida Bunyan
12: Democracy Starts Here!: Primary School JSC Publication
21: Starting a Student Parliament in a Primary School: Granville South PS, NSW: Colin Ellis
24: Strength and Gentleness: The Brigidine Schools Justice and Democracy Project: Vicki Myers; Clonard College, Geelong; Marian College, Ararat; Kilbreda College, Mentone; Kildare College, Adelaide; St Joseph's College, Echuca; Marian College, Sunshine; Killester College, Springvale

13: PASTA Newsletter # 4: Committee; Pass the PASTA; Community Service Certificate; 'Challenging the Status Quo'; SRC American Tour 1998; Tips for Funding Network Activities; Citizenship/Community; PASTA - A Victorian Perspective; PASTA Membership: PASTA
29: News and Reviews: How Do You Do Democracy?; Inclusive Approaches to Student Participation; Youth '98; National Youth Week Logo Competition; Civics, Citizenship and SRCs; Getting It Together; UNESCO Round Tables Stress Need for Youth's Participation in Decision-Making

#106-107: August-October 1997:

3: NASPAC 4: Conference Report: 4th National Student Participation Conference
10: Stepping Out of the Box: Negotiating Computer Studies With Students: Marita Rabone, Steve Wilson
17: South Australian Students' Forum: Holly, Sarah, Chris, Pat Thomson
19: Made in the Middle: Songwriting and CD Project, Jefferson Middle School, Eugene, Oregon, USA: Debbie Diedrich
29: Our SRC - and Hearing About Others!: Jaimee Scaife
31: Student Participation in Tasmania: Kim Roberts
33: Tasmanian Student Forum: Peter Carey
34: Addressing Issues in Student Participation: Peter Carey

21: PASTA Newsletter # 3: PASTA
44: News and Reviews: Brisbane Youth Advisory Forum; 'Any Which Way You Can'; EdWeb; 'Skipping Stones'; Click On-Click-Off

#105: June 1997:

3: 4th National Student Participation Conference: Participation or ...?: Joriel Jiminez
5: The PASTA Menu: Charles Kingston, Ralph Murray
6: JSCs are All the Go...: Rosanna PS; Rosanna Golf Links PS; Preston-Reservoir JSC Network
8: Under Our Skin: Jenny Sharwood

9: FEATURE: Negotiation?!:
- 9: Integrated Year 7 Curriculum Project: The Grange SC, Hoppers Crossing, Vic: Aracely, Jenni, Kim
- 11: Remembering Year 12 Negotiation: STC: Keith White
- 14: Negotiating Years 5 and 6: Holy Eucharist PS, Vic
- 16: Negotiation Questions: James Beane

17: Anti-Violence Kit for Students: St George District SRC Association, NSW
18: Youth Week: Port Macquarie HS SRC
18: ACSA Conference Presentations
19: Survey: SRC/JSC Activity Reports
21: NSW Statewide SRC Pamphlet

#104: April 1997:

3: Local History: The Rosedale Cemetery: Rosedale State School, Queensland: Glenn Davies
5: Second South Australian Statewide Student Forum Planned for May 1997!: Leah Ayles, Lyndall Bowey
7: Teenroar: A Roaring Success: Victorian Regional Student Gathering: Jan Osmotherly
8: ACSA Conference: Negotiating the Curriculum: Whose Agenda?
9: Student Leadership: A Vital, Legitimate Part of the Curriculum: Charles Kingston
10: NSW HSC Review Submission: PASTA
11: NASPAC IV: The 4th National Student Participation Conference: Sydney: 7-9 July, 1997; Draft Program Outline
15: Letter to Myself: Michael Selway
16: Student Leadership and Participation Goals 1996: Rooty Hill SRC, NSW
17: Student Participation, Connectedness and Citizenship: Roger Holdsworth

21: News and Reviews: ACEE Equity Network; Health Promoting Schools Audits; Full Service Schools Conference

#103: February 1997:

3: Running Waters: The CD Project: Maribyrnong Secondary College, Vic: Viv Sercombe
7: FEATURE: Time to Get Your Student Council Going in 1997!
8: Ideas and Strategies for SRCs: NSW State SRC Conference Students
12: Leadership Curriculum: Resource Kit: Charles Kingston
13: The PASTA Menu: PASTA, Charles Kingston
15: Some Resources for Student Councils
16: 4th National Student Participation Conference: 7th-9th July, 1997

17: News and Reviews: Schools Beyond 2000 (UK); United Secondary Students Union (Vic); Full Service Schools Conferences; 'when Students Have Power'; Cooperation and Democracy (UK); 'START'