Contents of Recent Issues: 1995

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#95-96: October-December 1995:

3: FEATURE: Student Participation and Information Technology:

-3: Overview and Introducing the Internet: Roger Holdsworth
-7: I*EARN: International: I*EARN
-9: Reporting the I*EARN Conference: Students, Wendouree Campus, Ballarat SC
-10: I*EARN: Australia: Bill Coppinger
-11: Telecommunications in Action: Dianne McWhirter, St Hilda's School
-12: SRC Networks: Electronic Possibilities: RH
-13: Non-Traditional Gender Roles: Internet: Faye Gerdson, Wangaratta PS
-14: International Video Conference: Juana Ismail, Peter Lalor SC
-15: Technology, Curriculum and Community: National Schools Network Testbed, USA
-18: Bushnet - The BushMOO: Guy Carpenter
-20: Learning Together: Daniel Ingvarson
-23: Governance and IT: SITMAC at Wendouree: Allen Jones
-25: Power Sharing Means Prosperity: Tom Lewis, Nightcliff HS
-27: School's Out Forever? No Thanks!: R M Crowley, University of Brighton, UK

28: Business Management: Christine Robinson
29: Some Reflections: Researching Participation: Steve Wilson
30: Letters: L Loger, C Pellegrini, H Parry
31: PASTA: Incorporated; Membership: PASTA

33: News and Reviews: AIESEC, Democracy & Education, Landcare Resources, School Exclusions Research Report

#94: August 1995:

3: FEATURE: Conference Reports:

- 3: National Student Participation Workshop
-12: Students - Partners in Curriculum: ACSA Curriculum '98
-14: Action Planning Forum: from National Student Participation Workshop
-16: The ACSA Electronic Daily News:
-19: Student Leaders Address the Principals of the World: Charles Kingston

19: PASTA: Adding Spice ...: Charles Kingston
20: Students Sowing the Seeds of Change: Riverina Regional SRC Environment Conference: Emma Bradshaw, Kirsty Lovell, Briony Thornton, Katie Harvey, Bronwyn Harriss
21: Our Primary School Council: Dallimore (UK) and Preston East (Vic): Carly Barrett; Carly Burgess, Steven Kearney
22: Student Participation Syllabus: Tasmania: Peter Carey

25: News and Reviews: Alternative Education Conference (NZ); Upwey High School SRC (Vic); North Country Alternative School (USA); Skipping Stones; John Holt - Personalised Education; NSW 1995 SRC Conference

#93: June 1995:

2: What do we mean by Student Participation?: Roger Holdsworth
3: National Student Participation Workshop: July 9-10, Melbourne
4: Do Young People Really Care About Participating?: Dalal Smiley
5: Accountability of Quality Through Student Participation: Sean Haynes, Cindy Bailey
7: Students as Evaluation Researchers: Allen Jones
11: Towards Participation in a Health Promoting School: Margaret Sheehan
12: NSW SRC Networks: School Education News

13: News and Reviews: Melbourne Community Television Consultations; JSCs and Norris Bank and Preston North-East Primaries; Australian Centre for Equity Through Education; Developing Democratic Education

17-32: OTHERWAYS: Newsletter of the Alternative Education Resource Group Inc.

#92: April 1995:

3: National Student Participation Workshop: July 9-10, Melbourne
5: Curriculum '95: ACSA
6: The Crumbling of a Dictatorship: from Hands On: Issue 49: Patricia Shults
7: From Community Service to Social Action: One Fourth Grade's Classroom Journey: Mary Barr Sturbaum, from 'Democracy & Education', Vol 9 No 2
9: Bill of Student Rights and Responsibilities K-12: New York City Board of Education
12: "It's not his project. It's ours!": The Importance of Ownership: Richard Daugherty, from 'Hands On', Issue 49
14: Student Representative Councils in NSW: Malcolm Kaczorowski, Merrelle James, Kent Valentine, Sarah Vardon
16: Preston-Reservoir JSC Network

18: News and Reviews: Youth TV?; Sexuality Peer Education; Des Ecoles Différentes et autres lieux; EPOCH Australia; The Freethinkers' Pocket Directory to the Educational Universe; Creating the Peacable School; We are the Kingsbury Kids; Taking Charge; The Deschooling Reader

#91: February 1995:

3: Credit for Participation: Revisited: from 'Connect' 31, February 1985: Roger Holdsworth
5: Resource Assists Leadership Training: Met-West Region, NSW
6: Leadership Course: Bathurst HS, NSW
10: How to Produce a Newsletter: Kingsbury PS, Vic: Rhiannon and Renee
11: National Student Participation Workshop
15: Voices of Youth Project: Bob Zenhausern
16: Participation: A New Culture: Maria Gomez Patiño
19: Students as Researchers: 10 Years Ago and Today: Garry Coventry
20: RASCL Annual Conference

21: News and Reviews: Celebrating Cultural Diversity (SA); Kicked Out of School?? (NSW); Students in NSW Quality Assurance Teams; PASTA Ready; First Aboriginal SRC (NSW)