Contents of Recent Issues: 1994

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#90: December 1994:

FEATURE: Reflections on 15 Years of Supporting Student Participation:

3: The Farm Expo: Doveton North Primary School, Vic: Garry O'Shannassy
6: Kids Can Do Remarkable Things: 10 Years Ago and Today: Mervyn Edmunds
11: The Future: John Martin
12: Students Publishing: The Golden Shaft: 15 Years Ago and Today: John Martin
13: Curriculum '95 Program: ACSA
20: Students: Partners in Curriculum?: Roger Holdsworth
21: In Praise of Student Voice: Tony Knight
22: Cross-Age Tutoring: Princes Hill High School: 15 Years Ago and Today: Bob Semmens
24: Cross-Age Tutoring: Thomastown Primary School: 15 Years Ago and Today: Therese West
26: SRCs, Governance and Networks: Dear Connect: 10 Years Ago; Dear Kate: Today: Kate Conolan; Charles Kingston
28: Junior School Councils: Five Years Ago and Today: Maree Reddan; Gowerville PS Students

30: News and Reviews: Students Present SA Workshop; Landscaping at Bayside SC; NSW State SRC Conference; ACSA

#89: October 1994:

3: The Island: Collingwood College, Vic
10: Myuna Farm: City of Berwick, Vic: Sharon Nicola
12: Literacy Camp: Sherbrooke Community School, Vic: Viv Hammat, Birsin Reynolds
15: Student Councils, Youth Programs and Critical Theory: A Means of Improving Student Participation in Secondary Schools: Peter Carey
21: NSW State SRC Conference 1994
22: A JSC Reporting Sheet: Reservoir East PS JSC

25: News and Reviews: YARN: Youth Research Network; Up2Date; Know Your Rights; Education Now; Preston East JSC Radio

#88: August 1994:

3: With Joel on the Great Victorian Bike Ride: Sherbrooke Community School, Vic: Viv Hammat
5: Schools 'On Air': Goulburn Valley, Vic: Mary Moore
7: Students Call Upon the Board of Studies for Recognition: NSW State SRC Conference: Charles Kingston
9: Student Representative Council: Lismore High School (NSW): Andrea Sneesby
10: Student Talk, Teacher Talk!: Nepean Educational Researcher, NSW: Steve Wilson
11: Travelling Children: Enfants du Voyage
14: A Junior School Council Network: Roger Holdsworth
15: RASCL: Fremantle Education Centre, WA: Donna Brandes
16: Connect Index

13: News and Reviews: The Handbook of Alternative Education; The Freethinkers' Guide to the Educational Universe; Foxfire: New Director

#87: June 1994:


- 3: Batemans Bay High School, NSW:
- 4: Burra Community School, SA: Emilee Westover, Kara Phillips
- 4: Heathcote HS, NSW
- 5: Camden HS, NSW: Mirella Manna
- 5: CRC, St Albans, Vic
- 7: Keilor Downs Secondary College, Vic: Hatice Hussein
- 8: Lyndhurst Secondary College, Vic: Jasmin Templin
- 8: Macalister Secondary College, Sale, Vic: Belinda Petryniuk
- 9: Padua College, Mornington, Vic:
-11: Upwey High School, Vic: Grant Nichol, Natalie Sheehan
-11: Vaucluse High School, NSW


-12: Southvale Primary School, Vic: Jan Hughes
-12: Balmain Primary School, NSW
-12: Preston/Reservoir JSC Network, Vic:

13: LIFTOUT: Issues Facing SRCs

17: Increasing the Status and Image of the SRC: Pat Matson

18: News and Reviews: Know Your Rights at School; Sherbrooke in Writing; RASCL at Fremantle Education Centre; Schools 'On Air'; A Student Participation Workshop in 1995?; Bathurst Regional SRC News; Victorian Museum

#85-86: February-April 1994:

3: Suntek: Irymple South PS: Stephen Bibby, Richard Wood
7: Russia's Alternative Schools: Are They Really Alternative?: Grigory Zlotnik, Yelena Pavlova
13: Science 4-12: Yarram SC: David Aumann
15: UPDATE: 1993 Science Shows: Werribee Schools: Ken Greatorex

18: FEATURE: Children as Peacemakers:

-18: Peacemaker at Work: Joan Baer
-19: Developing a Model Program: Esther Sokolov Fine
-20: Emerging Peacemakers: Ann Lacey

LIFTOUT: Dear JSCs: Students of JSCs at: Preston, Preston South, Preston East, Preston North East, Reservoir East, Kingsbury and Merrilands Primary Schools

21: News and Reviews: Student Voices; Taking Charge; Pen Pals; Our Families ... Our Health ... Our Say ... A Health Conference By and For Young People; A Student Participation Workshop in 1995?