Contents of Recent Issues: 1993

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#84: December 1993:

3: Crabs! Crabs! Crabs!: The Swan Bay Crustacean Study: Newcomb Secondary College: Lynne Kidman
5: Student-Rn Science Shows: Werribee Schools: Ken Greatorex
8: Independent Living: Lilydale Secondary College: Gwen Haritonidis
9: School to Work in the Arts: Mornington Secondary College: Coralie Buckley
11: Voices on the Wind: Warracknabeal Secondary College: John Martin
12: Leisure Time Project: Collingwood English Language School: Laima Novackis
14: Environment Group: Nathalia Secondary College: Carolyn Grinter, Libby Ward, Dawn Pacquing, Kaye Whitson
16: The Music Garden: Mentone Girls' Secondary College: Jenny Wills
17: Writing from the Edge: Sunbury Downs Secondary College: Barry McDonald
18: Student-Run Literacy Camps: Judy Parker, David Heymer, Lyn Loger

21: News and Reviews: Women in the Local Workforce; A Student Guide to Research in Social Science; Democracy & Education Calls for Manuscripts

#83: October 1993:

3: Students: The Dispossessed in the New Power Relations in Victorian State Schools: Allen Jones
9: Opposition About-face on Children's Rights: National Children's and Youth Law Centre
10: Renewable Energy Science: Goroke P-12 School: Andrew Vague
11: Technology for Real: Eumemmering Secondary College: Nicole Muller
13: Storybooks with a Difference: Golden Square Secondary College: Angela Molloy
15: Empowering Students to Deal with Harassment: Sherbrooke Community School: Birsin Reynolds
16: Nothing To Do With Students?: David Schapper
17: Dear Bob; Dear Marylyn: Hands On
19: Teaching Adolescents Rather Than Subjects: Jim Cumming

25: News and Reviews: Regressive Education; Young People in Action; Alternative Education Handbook; Request; Children's Rights in Education; Life Rights Kit

#82: August 1993:

3: Women in the Local Workforce: A Student Research and Publication Project: Drouin Secondary College, Vic: Marlene Watson, Anthony Stone, Mike Jungwirth
4: Girls' Challenges: Science and Technology: Lalor East Primary School, Vic: Rose Stolarek, Mark Smith
5: Literacy Camps Manual: How It Was Done; How To Do It: Nathalia Secondary College, Vic: Lyn Loger
6: What is the NSW State SRC?: Melissa Schultz
7: What Do SRCs Do?: Rob Spence, NSW South Coast SRCs
12: Gowerville JSC in the News!
14: A JSC Constitution: Norris Bank Primary School
16: Sample Documents: Agenda; Reporting Back

19: News and Reviews: ACTU Work Education; Changes; Lib Ed publications; ACSA publications

#81: June 1993:

3: Cross-Age Tutoring in Russia: Theory and Practice: Elena Pavlova
6: Cross-Age and Peer Tutoring: Some Resources:
7: Alternative Education in Russia: AERO-Gramme Reports: Jerry Mintz
10: Cross-Age Tutoring: Monterey Network 1986: Barbara Blachford, Wendy Graham, Leonie Young
11: Kids Meeting Kids: International Children's Congress: Herbert Williams
12: Responses
18: Connect: Subscription Increases; Consultancy Available

13: News and Reviews: Nathalia SC Literacy Camp Update; Girls Will Be Girls; 'Education Now' resources

#80: April 1993:

3: Student Enterprises: Tasmanian Grants Available: Greg Calvert
4: Young Da Vincis of the Bush: Glenora District High School
7: Overflow With Info: Campbell Town District High School: Kelly Brown
8: Girls in Technology Conference: Campbell Town District High School: Paperweight Publishing Group
10: Enterprise Resources
11: Voices on the Wind: John Martin
12: The NSW State SRC From the Inside!: Louise Robinson
13: Community Television: and student participation ...
14: Some Ideas for Work on Community Television
16: Youth Studies Australia
17: Rare and Remaindered Publications

21: News and Reviews: The Action Pack; Preventing Abuse in Relationships (PAIR)

#79: February 1993:

3: NSW State SRC Conference 1992: Charles Kingston
5: Secondary Students Look Into the Future: National Schools Project Conference at Charles Sturt University: Charles Kingston
5: Student Information Officers: Knox Youth Services: Tony Justice, Richard Hill
7: Effective Curriculum: ACSA
9: CONNECT INDEX: by subject
17: People Bingo: Paul Kenna

18: News and Reviews: Rethinking Policies for Young People; Democracy and Education Conference; ACSA 1993 Conference; New Moon; International Alternative Education Conference; Get Knitted; REAL Enterprises; We Were Wrong: Peter Lalor not Lalor; Action Research Crime Prevention Program; Friends of Connect