Contents of Recent Issues: 1992

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#77-78: October-December 1992:

3: Literacy Camp: Nathalia/Rochester/Kyabram/Rushworth: Lyn Loger and students
8: The Homeless Age: Melton Australian Studies Youth Homelessness Project
9: Diamond Minutes: Bright P-12 College: Tracey Stephens, Linda Western
11: Living in the Past: Nathalia Secondary College: Lyn Loger and students
16: SRC Operates $1000 Grant: Nathalia Secondary College: Alison Cobbledick
17: 'Junior Educators' in Philippines: St Columba's College: Helen Roberts, Michelle Scerri
19: Our JSCs 1992: Lalor Junior School Council Network
25: Our 1992 Action Plans: Outcomes and Processes: Preston/Reservoir Junior School Council Network
31: The Ballarat Student Network 1992: Heather and Allison Dalman
32: Say AAAH!: Reporting the AAAH Conference: A Youth Conference from a Youth's Perspective: Elizabeth Koumakis
33: Your Council: Your Say: Young People's Participation in Local Government: David Williamson
39: Youth Participation Week 1992: City of Berwick: Youth Services 40: Alternative and Community Schools in Melbourne

45: News and Reviews: Rethinking Policies for Young People; 6th Annual Democracy and Education Conference; Negotiation and Tactics; Resourceful Communities; Rave 50 Issues Young; Friends of Connect

#76: August 1992:

3: Kids Still Doing Remarkable Things!: Cobden Technical School: Merv Edmunds
6: Towards Responsible and Adaptive Youth: Cobden Technical School VCE Response: Mervyn Edmunds
8: Student Publishing at Wanganui Park: Kim Warrick, Meagan Stagg
9: A View From the Inside: Michael Short
10: News from Foxfire: Introduction to Foxfire 95: Mike Cook
11: Victorian Teacher Network meeting
12: Wandiligong Primary School Students: Learning Tracks
13: Student Training Day in Shepparton
17: Support Teacher Reflections: Shepparton and Wanganui Park: Cathy Macvean, Glenn Bennett
19: Shepparton Junior Council: Janene Andrews
20: SRCs and JSCs - Ideals?: Margherita Muccieri
21: Junior School Council Network: Action Planning

19: News and Reviews: AARE: Family and Community Participation in Education; HIV/AIDS STD Peer Education project; A Message from Iceland; Get Wise

#75: June 1992:

3: Young Mums in the Classroom: Margaret Buckman
4: It Just Happens: Video made by young women: Sue Moulton
5: Education for Democracy: School as a Learning Place for Life: Education and Democracy: Reflections: Virginia Estrocio
8: How Do We Know What We Have Achieved?: SRCs and JSCs: Roger Holdsworth
10: Young People as Mediators: Parent/Youth Mediation Service: Diane Moloney
12: Steps of Mediation: Northern Suburbs Dispute Settlement Centre
14: Junior School Councils: Planning for Action: Therese West
18: Rosebank Creates News: Rosebank Primary School
19: The Youth Futures Council: Michael Neilsen
22: Foxfire Publications: Cut Price!:

21: News and Reviews: Australian Association for Adolescent Health Conference; A Youth Bill of Rights?; JSC Register Update

#74: April 1992:

3: Using Games for Training: Sandra Canniff
5: Games to Develop Groups: Sandra Canniff
7: SCPP: The Victorian School Community Participation Program: Graeme Kent
8: Girls Become STAR Students: Options

Reflections from the Network:

9: Times Have Changed: 1992 Model: Nathalia Secondary College: Lyn Loger
10: Sherbrooke Poets Fronting Up: Sherbrooke Community School: Viv Hammat
11: Pigeon Loft Construction and Submission Writing: Sherbrooke Community School: Bob Shepherd

12: Resources for Supporting Student Participation: Publications and Videos

15: News and Reviews: 1992-1993 National Directory: National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools (USA); Freedom in Education; Directions: A Community Involvement and Personal Development Course for Students; You and Aunt Arie; Skipping Stones; It Just Happens; Education of Girls and Female Students Association; Youth Homelessness: A Curriculum Approach; Educating Others; Educating Ourselves

#73: February 1992:

3: Melton Students Researching Community Issues: A Curriculum Approach to Youth Homelessness: Roger Holdsworth
6: "A Purposeful Commitment with an Achievable End": Teacher reflection: Sharon Hillier
7: Victorian Environmental Education Grants
8: YPIN: Young People in Need: Youth Issues Forum
9: Student Training and Development Days: Western Area, SA: Gerry Ulstrup
12: Students Vote for State Representative Council: Judy Wilkinson, NSW School Education News
13: Project-Centered Teaching: A Tool for the Democratic Classroom: George H Wood, Democracy and Education
16: Teacher or Learner?: The Foxfire Approach is Not a "Project": Karen Adkins, Hands On

18: News and Reviews: National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools (USA); Aero-Gramme Special Issue: Alternative Education in Russia; World Summit of Children; Democracy and Education Conference (USA); Lib Ed (UK); New Foxfire Publications in Stock