Contents of Recent Issues: 1991

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#72: December 1991:

3: Glimpses of a Junior School Council Training Day: Bev Aisbett, Bronwyn Halls
7: JSC Register: David and Mary Petherick
8: The Playground Project: Janice Johnson, Marisa Swank; Hands On
10: New Foxfire Publications in Stock
11: How Our JSCs Operate: Junior School Councils: The Lalor Cluster: students; Debbie Purser; Graeme Askew
19: Sunshine High School and 9/10/11 Revisited: The Year the School Closed: James Oakes
21: Nathalia Wins Award: Stop Press!
22: Get Your Fill At Wattle Hill: Local History at Apollo Bay: Neil Hickey
26: Northern Access Television Broadcasts Its Second and Third Test Transmissions: Danny Wade

24: News and Reviews: Green Energy; Democracy and Energy Conference; Nathalia On Tour; Students Report National Child Poverty and Education Conference; Victorian Student Participation report; Teacher Network Meeting; Bicentennial Youth Foundation - Community Grants Program

#71: October 1991:

3: Times Have Changed: Nathalia Secondary College: students, Michelle James, Lyn Loger, Linda Gallus
9: The Foxfire Approach: Perspectives and Core Practices: Hands On
14: A Teacher Network?: The Next Steps: Foxfire Teacher Outreach: Roger Holdsworth
17: Invitation: to the First meeting of a Teacher Network
18: Foxfire Video Available: Shining Moments: The Foxfire Approach to Teaching: Foxfire
19: How To Make a Swamp: Part 2: Sherbrooke Community School: students
23: Peer Mediators: Intervene to Reconcile: A program that trains students to help others resolve conflicts: Concetta Caruso
25: Melton Secondary College is Environmentally Friendly: Karen Sutherland
25: Second National Child Poverty and Education Conference
26: Peer Support Program: Peer Support Foundation Ltd.: Danny Wade

19: News and Reviews: World Environment Day: Student Forum; The New Rules: (Donna Martin); Broadmeadows History; The Curlip

#70: August 1991:

SPECIAL ISSUE: Supporting Student Participation: The Victorian School Community Development Program in Action

3: Student Participation and the SCDP:
- 3: Why is Student Participation Important
- 4: What Do We Mean by Student Participation
- 4: The Roles of the School Community Officer
- 5: This Booklet

6: Section 1: Student Participation in Curriculum Decision Making and Action
- 7: Curriculum Negotiation: Interschool Curriculum Action in Melton; Role of the SCO
- 9: Cross-Age Tutoring: Cross-Age Tutoring at Mirboo North; Role of the SCO
- 10: Interschool Curriculum Links: Northern Access television (NAT); Role of the SCOs

13: Section 2: Student Organisations
- 14: Student Representative Councils: Wangaratta SC's Student Forum; What the SCDP Has Contributed
- 16: Junior School Councils: Kingsbury Primary School; Role of the SCO

18: Student Networks, Workshops and Forums
- 19: Role of theSCO
- 20: Issue and Skill Based Workshops: Gisborne Network; JSC Training Days; Camps at South Barwon Network
- 25: Student Networks: Students of Shepparton (SOS) District; Eaglehawk Youth Council

28: The Future

28: Resources

29: Acknowledgements

30: News and Reviews: NAT To Air Again; Changing Schools; Young People's Incorporation Kit; Foxfire Materials

#69: June 1991:

3: Student Participation: Dimensions of Success and Leadership: Professor Art Pearl
6: Foxfire A Way of Learning: Public Workshop: Roger Holdsworth, Fiona Stewart
7: Junior School Council: Braybrook, Footscray and Yarraville Training Day: David Jay, Liz Meddings
10: Junior School Councils: Register of Schools: David and Mary Petherick
11: Junior School Council: JSC Networking: David and Mary Petherick
12: SCOFS Conference: Paula Cooper
13: Inclusive Committee Procedures
14: Involving Others: Graeme Kent
16: Action Planning: A Checklist: Roger Holdsworth
19: Transforming Power, Transforming Classrooms: Empowerment and Democratic Education: Irma Gonzalez, Democracy and Education

17: News and Reviews: Access television; Students on School Councils: Partners in Decision Making; Curriculum Perspectives; SAG: An Offer to Help; Tasmania to Hold 'Foxfire' Conference; Democracy and Education; COSHG Resource Directory

#68: April 1991:

3: NAT: Northern Access Television: Mark McAuliffe
11: Junior School Councils: The Importance of Being Networked: Mary and David Petherick
13: Environmental Youth Alliance; Young People and the Environmental Movement
14: SA: State Council of Students: Catherine Alcock
15: SCofS: The Green Strategy: Cheryl Ross
16: Sherbrooke Community School: Our Future: Colin Hollow
17: Sherbrooke Community School: The Swamp Project
20: History Goes Active: Swan Hill: Joe Blake
21: More Than Just a Christmas Card: Foxfire News

23: News and Reviews: The Liberating Curriculum: National Conference

#67: February 1991:

3: The Nathalia-Barmah Forest Book: Foxfire Came to Town: Report on a Visit to Rural Victoria: Louise Kennedy, Giselle McGreevy, Lyn Loger and others
12: Junior School Council: Kingsbury Primary: Geoff Jones
13: Student Effectiveness on School Councils: Rebecca Adams
18: Who Are Schools For Anyway?: Wangaratta Technical School: Peter Barnes
20: Funding: Environmental Education Grants; Funding Guide; The Rights Stuff
22: Liberating the Curriculum: ACSA Curriculum '91 Conference

23: News and Reviews: SPERA National Conference; Young People and the Environmental Movement; Living and Growing Up Around the World; Directory of Alternative Schools; Kids Contact; Youth Agenda Consultation; SRC Pamphlets Re-write; Lib Ed