Contents of Recent Issues: 1989

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#60: December 1989:

3: FEATURE: Connect's First Decade:
3: Reflections and Comments: Roger Holdsworth
6: Old Lessons ... New Education: Tony Knight
9: Students Publishing: John Martin
10: Asserting Youth Participation: Jackie Ohlin
12: Are Students Up Front Yet?: Graeme Kent
15: 'Being Needed by People': Thérèse West
16: Happy Birthday Connect!l: Bruce Wilson

17: Dragons: Student Enterprise: Ruth Smith
18: JSCs and the Democratic Process: Gowerville Primary School

20: News and Reviews: White Lion Street Free School; Requests; Self-Help Directory; Which Way for the Curriculum?; Participation and Policy

#59: October 1989:

3: Student Participation in Curriculum Decision-Making: Bruce Wilson
7: Student Enterprise: Learning the Hard Way: Mortlake High School: Stephen Blacker
10: Student Enterprise: Jacklynd Kitchens: Hawkesdale High School: Jayne Mahoney
11: Student Enterprise: Dama Dama: Murtoa High School: Gavan Cramer
11: Student Enterprise: Dama Dama: Murtoa High School: The Farm Project: Gavan Cramer
15: Student Enterprise: Dama Dama: Murtoa High School: Pioneers Past and Present; Settlers' Hut: Kathy Curkpatrick
19: Tenth Anniversary
20: Role-Playing a Meeting: JSC Training Idea

22: News and Reviews: Italian Request; Youth Radio Project; Update: Churchill Campus: Danielle McDougall

#58: August 1989:

3: ASPIRE: Approaching Mathematics Education Through the Arts: Laurie Makin
8: Student Executive: Churchill Campus: Kurnai College: Danielle McDougall
9: How to Get Funding for Student Activities: Craig Johnson
11: Connect Global: But I Teach in a City: What Can I Do?: Eliot Wigginton
11: Connect Global: Nine Core Practices: Eliot Wigginton
13: Connect Global: Youth Media in the USA
14: Student Action in New South Wales 1988: Standing Up for Students' Rights: Education Links
16: Student Action in New South Wales 1988: No Minister!: Education Links
20: Student Action in New South Wales 1988: A Tarnished Vision: Charles Kingston

23: News and Reviews: YoUThPoWeR; Students Active in Curriculum '89; Videobeat; What Price Independence?; Inner City Education Centre; Hands On

#57: June 1989:

3: Students and Oral Histories: Apollo Bay, Vic: Jackie Price and Nadia Wheatley
6: Class Presents Findings on Effects of Pollution: In Future
7: Unravelling the Maze: Training Manual: David Wright
9: SA: State Council of Students Training Camp: Deborah Parker
10: Junior School Councils: Networks Aim to Promote Pupil Power: Waterdale News
11: Junior School Councils: Student Participation is the Key Word at Preston PS: Education Victoria
12: Junior School Councils: JSC In-Service: Role Play Idea: Mark McAuliffe and Lidia Horvat
13: ACSA Conference: Students Can Influence the Curriculum
15: ACSA Conference: Are Students Participating in This Conference?: Katrina Bound
15: ACSA Conference: Curriculum '87: A Student's View: Macht, Souter, Chappel, Brice, Watts, Smith
17: ACSA Conference: Students have a say!
18: NSW: Youth Forum: Nick Manning
20: Connect Global: The Pilot School (USA): Lib Ed

21: News and Reviews: Students and Power (Tas); Creative Responses to Resistance: Bruce Wilson

#56: April 1989:

3: Experts in the Field: Education Action Research Project: Roger Slee
7: Where to Next?: School to Work Transition: Lynne Kosky, Terry Kennedy
10: About Work: Marrickville High School: Connie Polyhronis, Options
11: Using the SRC Pamphlets: Roger Holdsworth
14: Nobody's Children: ABC Publicity
16: Which Way for the Curriculum?: Curriculum '89 Conference
17: School-Community Involvement: St Paul's College, Traralgon: Peter Chalkley
18: Junior Councils Report: Kyneton Network
18: Junior Councils Report: Reservoir-Preston Networks
20: Connect Global: BYC; Hands On; NCACS; GUST
22: Youth Peace Project: Sally Warhaft
22: Racism: A Journal and a Poster

25: News and Reviews: Videobeat; Women of the West; Education Links; Meat in the Sandwich; Active Citizenship; Sometimes a Shining Moment

#55-55: December 1988 - February 1989:

3: What's the Story?: Work Education, Skills Development and Accreditation: Peter Blunden
6: ANSS National Conference: Report: Jayne Pilkington and others

13: News and Reviews: National Inquiries; Brotherhood Project; ACT Student Designs Logo; Cool Day for Kids; The Maze; MAV Kit and Menu; Secondary Organisations

15: Review Form: Connect's 1979-89 Review

19: FEATURE: Global View: NCRY
20: FEATURE: Global View: Foxfire
24: FEATURE: Global View: Salt
27: FEATURE: Global View: Art Pearl
28: FEATURE: Global View: UK Free Schools
29: FEATURE: Global View: Lib Ed; Relay Cassettes
30: FEATURE: Global View: Alternatives in France; NCACS