Contents of Recent Issues: 1988

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#55-55: December 1988 - February 1989:

3: What's the Story?: Work Education, Skills Development and Accreditation: Peter Blunden
6: ANSS National Conference: Report: Jayne Pilkington and others

13: News and Reviews: National Inquiries; Brotherhood Project; ACT Student Designs Logo; Cool Day for Kids; The Maze; MAV Kit and Menu; Secondary Organisations

15: Review Form: Connect's 1979-89 Review

19: FEATURE: Global View: NCRY
20: FEATURE: Global View: Foxfire
24: FEATURE: Global View: Salt
27: FEATURE: Global View: Art Pearl
28: FEATURE: Global View: UK Free Schools
29: FEATURE: Global View: Lib Ed; Relay Cassettes
30: FEATURE: Global View: Alternatives in France; NCACS

#53: October 1988:

3: Australian Network of Secondary Students: Draft Curriculum Paper: ANSS
6: Passed Participation?: Liz Wheeler, Peter Dorrell
10: Wither/Whither on the Vine: Peter Mildenhall
12: School and Work: Transferable Skills: David Aarons
14: School and Work: PSI: Gary Ferguson
16: School and Work: Skills for Australia: Bruce Wilson

18: News and Reviews: Unlocking Doors for Today's Youth; Community Action Workbook; Everything You Wanted to Know About Volunteering But Were Afraid to Ask; Activities for All Ages and Abilities; Video: Leading Out

#51-52: August 1988:

3: Experience-based Learning: Eric McLeod
6: Can of Worms: Challenging Masculinity Myths: Christine Searle
8: Starting Early: Social Action Research in Primary Schools: Susan Holmes
9: Talking with Yetta and Ken Goodman: Foxfire, Whole Language Learning: Bruce Wilson
16: The National Youth Council of Australia: NYCA
19: Social Justice: What Is It?: Katie Strandly
21: Active Citizenship in Australian Schools and Youth Organisations
25: Australian Network of Secondary Students: First National Secondary Student Conference: ANSS
26: Australian Network of Secondary Students: Management Committee: ANSS
27: Credit and Support: Susan Holmes

22: News and Reviews: SCIP Resources; SRC Pamphlets

#50: April 1988:

3: Celebrating the 50th Issue: Youth and Student Participation in Education: Roger Holdsworth
10: The Dance Eisteddfod 1987: Moreland High School; Brunswick High School; Keilor Heights High School: Cathy DeNino
14: Creating a Classroom Newspaper: Jim Sawyer, IRA/ANPAF
15: Participation: Student Research Team's Report
17: Northern Region Radio Network: Tery Janezic
18: Tylden Junior School Council: Rob Taylor, Clare Claydon

23: News and Reviews: Work Work Work!; People Working With People Course; SRC Pamphlets

#49: February 1988:

3: Youth Participation and Empowerment: Youth Participation: Mary Conway Kohler
7: Youth Participation and Empowerment: Empowerment Through Education: Eliot Wigginton
11: Using Modern Technology in Goulburn Valley: Anne McCamish
11: Using Modems: A Progress Report: Anne McCamish
16: Students on the Air: Northern Region Radio Network: Vivian Stranieri
17: Reflections: Northern Region Radio Network: Vivian Stranieri

21: News and Reviews: Moving In; Young People in Focus; NB: PEP