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#48: December 1987:

3: Youth Centres: Turana: Where There's a Will, There's a Way to be Heard: Cheryl Paul, Gwen Stubberfield, Bernie Bryant
4: Youth Centres: Baltara: 'I'd Rather be at My Grandparents'': Jane Lawrence
6: Student Participation: In the News: The Age
8: Junior Council 1987: Maryborough Primary
9: Victorian State Secondary Student Network: A Brief History: Mark Ryan
14: TAFE: From School to TAFE: Trudy Falconer, Julian Pocock
15: TAFE: Victorian TAFE Students' Network: Liftout
14: TAFE: TAFE PEP Student Board: Frank Deserio and others
14: TAFE: TAFE PEP: From the Students' View: Serena Trencher
22: Students on Regional Boards: Paul Martin
24: What's In It For Me?: Involvement: SRC, School Council, Student Network: Peter Wilson
25: Curriculum '87: A Student's View: Hank Macht, Louise Souter, Kelli Chappel, Christine Brice, Andrew Watts, James Smith
26: NT Student Network: Tom Stoddart
27: Letters: Help!: Oral History; Careers: Ross Bell; Max Dews

13: News and Reviews: Parents, Students and School Committees; Not Just Another Token; NCLEI; Relay; YACVic on Radio; SRC Pamphlets

#46-47: August-October 1987:

3: What Are You Afraid Of?: Radio Programs with Grade 5/6K: Brunswick East Primary School: Alison Brown
6: Paradise Project: Interview: Richard Does: Roger Holdsworth
10: Kids in Action: SCIP
11: Momentum Magazine: Steve Shann
15: Networks: Gabfest 1987: Robyn Vincent
16: Networks: TAFE STudent Participation Officer: Damon Anderson
17: Networks: Student Participation in TAFE: Damon Anderson
18: Networks: Student Unionism on TAFE Campuses: Helen Kennedy
19: Networks: TAFE PEPE Student Power!: Serena Trencher
20: Networks: Keeping in Touch: Peter Wilson
21: Networks: Australian Network of Secondary Students
23: Community Linkage: St Joseph's Technical School, South Melbourne
25: Students on Committees: Suggestions for Principals: Anne McCamish
27: Students on Committees: Participation and Equity: Anne McCamish

28: News and Reviews: Inform Apprentices; Beyond 2001: Letters to Change the World; Young People's Funding Guide; Unemployment: Where To From Here?; ICEC; Schools and Tertiary Institutions Media Link; Where Do You Come From?: An Anti-Racist Photography Project; Student Participation: A Reality?; Momentum; Victorian TAFE Students Network; TAFE Contributions

33: Index of Articles

#45: June 1987:

3: SA: State Council of Students Training Camp: David Wright
5: Vic: Disadvantaged Schools Program State Committee
6: NSW: Youth Forum: Julia Young
7: NSW: Youth Effectiveness Skills
8: Loftset Press Lives!: Peter Baird, Stephen Bracks
9: Cumulative Connect Index: Issues 1 to 45

15: News and Reviews: SCIP Teacher Support Network: Heather Bane; Participation Pamphlets; Into Practice; The Youth Radio Directory; Northcote Nose; ANSS; Springvale Youth Council Conference; UN Youth Conference; Recreating Maths and Science for Girls; The Daily Planet; With Inertia; Letters: Vale Emu: Evelyn Tsitas, Catherine Jaggs, Request: Lisa Barron

#44: April 1987:

3: Sherbrooke Community School: Foreword: Colin Hollow, Viv Petrzelka
4: Sherbrooke Community School: Morning Meetings: Student, Parent and Teacher Participation in Daily Decision-Making: Printshop Workshop
5: Sherbrooke Community School: Participation and Areas of Learning: Andy Moffat
6: Sherbrooke Community School: Student Participation and Workshops: Printshop Workshops
7: Sherbrooke Community School: Case Study: Playground Workshop: Bob Shepherd
8: Sherbrooke Community School: Participation and Assessment: Printshop Workshop
9: Sherbrooke Community School: Making School Policy: The Student Contribution to the Development of Sherbrooke Community School's Smoking Policy: Nicki Carden, Chloe Schauble, Sarah Kolb
10: Survey: Metropolitan West Region (NSW): Keith Ison
13: LIFTOUT: Student Participation Contract, Worksheet, Report and Assessment: Bert Van Halen, Arturo Richetti
17: Drawing Up a Contract; Credit and Support
18: The Making of YB City: Mary Amah etc
22: Crookwell Students Help Push Political Awareness: Goulburn Post

23: News and Reviews: Municipal Journal; TAFE Student Network; Richmond Writing; Delta Report; Student Writes; Getting Real; Youth Affairs Conference; Brunswick Youth Week; Radio Network Directory; Youth Training Camp; Really Good Friends; Ascolta Radio Group; Festival Manual; Schools and Radio In-Service; Shaping Futures; Letters: Lyn Holihan, Jim Smith, Kath Haydock

#43: February 1987:

3: Talent Afloat: Merv Edmunds
4: Talent Afloat: 1985: King Island: Merv Edmunds
5: Talent Afloat: 1986: Bathurst Island: Merv Edmunds
6: Talent Afloat: Interview: Merv Edmunds
9: ACT: ACSA Network: Student Participation
10: Peace: It Depends On Us: Peter Dargin
11: Disabilities to Skills: Using Oral History to Bring Students Back to the Real World: Rich McConnell, Malcolm Smith
24: What's This About a Radio Show?: Rich McConnell: Hands On

21: News and Reviews: Gabfest; World of Work Newsletter; SCIP; Education Report; Resource List; Youth Forum; Anyone Can; Letters: Zita Pinda, Robyne Stacey