Contents of Recent Issues: 1985

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#36: December 1985:

3: Research on Seating: Gladstone Views PS: Llpyd Mitchell
5: Thunder From Down Under: Maree Marshall
6: Student Community Involvement Program: Heather Bane
8: Student Performance: STC Report: Koula Karandaglidis
9: Cross-Age Tutoring: Ardeer High School: John Holt
10: Video News Magazine: Feasibility Study: Sally Ingleton

11: Mixes of School and Work: Participation and Equity Program: Victorian Statewide Conference: September 24th, 1985
13: Mixes of School and Work: Introductory Address: Ken Polk
18: Mixes of School and Work: Group Discussion: Issues
19: Mixes of School and Work: Part-Time Work?
23: Mixes of School and Work: Windows of Opportunity: Peter Noonan
25: Mixes of School and Work: Special Interest Workshops
27: Mixes of School and Work: Final Plenary: Roger Holdsworth
29: Mixes of School and Work: School-Work Projects: St Albans Technical School: Peter Blunden
30: Mixes of School and Work: School-Work Projects: Wellington High School: Robyn Douglass, Rina Stefani
31: Mixes of School and Work: School-Work Projects: Others
33: Mixes of School and Work: Contact List
34: Mixes of School and Work: Previous School-Work Articles in Connect

35: Documents: Bill of Rights and Responsibilities: Brunswick Technical School
37: Documents: Declaration of Student Rights and Responsibilities: London, Ontario, Canada
37: Documents: Are Students Participating in This Conference?: Katrina Bound
38: Documents: Don't Panic!: Hitch-Hikers' Guide Available Again!: Charles Kingston

39: News and Reviews: Ascolta Goes National on ABC; You and Aunt Arie: New Stocks; Victorian Student Conference; NSW TAFE Students Meet; Turning 18; Pepper; Escape from the Classroom; Boys Will Be Boys Kit Available; Getting Involved at School: Radio Spots

#35: October 1985:

3: SPECIAL: The Primary Issue: Campbell's Creek Primary School: Meg Dillon, Kris Browning, John James
8: SPECIAL: The Primary Issue: Yarrambat Primary JSC: Dorothy Reading
10: SPECIAL: The Primary Issue: Specimen Hill Primary: Lois Angus
10: SPECIAL: The Primary Issue: North Melbourne Primary: Bradley Newton
11: SPECIAL: The Primary Issue: Kensington Primary: Nehir Ercan
11: SPECIAL: The Primary Issue: Redan Primary: The School That Listens: John Corbett
13: SPECIAL: The Primary Issue: Dunolly Primary: Kerryn Henderson
13: SPECIAL: The Primary Issue: Kangaroo Flat Primary: Sue Williams
14: SPECIAL: The Primary Issue: Newstead Primary
14: SPECIAL: The Primary Issue: Maldon Primary: Lyndal McClure
15: SPECIAL: The Primary Issue: Eureka Street Primary: What About the Kids?Helen Button, The Education Age
17: SPECIAL: The Primary Issue: Castlemaine Primary: Regina Saville
17: SPECIAL: The Primary Issue: Yarraville West Primary: Student Participation: Lynne Kosky
18: SPECIAL: The Primary Issue: Sacred Heart Primary: Cross-Age Tutoring: Noreen Harrison
21: SPECIAL: The Primary Issue: Fairfield North Primary: Quality and Ownership: Stephen Duggan, Study of Society

28: News and Reviews: Radio News: Students Ready to Make Airwaves; Chatting Up Girls; Around Australia: SA: Student Conferencing/Landmark becomes starting point; NSW: State Association?; NT: Gabfest; Tas: Film; WA: SRC Networks; Rap Up for Gippsland: R Smethurst, K Keamy; Youth Action Teams and the Multipurpose Use of Railway Stations - an Overview; Special Youth Radio CRAM Guide; VFSSPC Resolution; Media Exhibition; The 4S Bews; Absenteeism; Reviews: Educational Magazine; Hands On; Getting Involved at School

#34: August 1985:

3: Access Hotline: Epping High School, Vic: Vivienne Clare
4: Accreditation Kit: Bert Van Halen
5: Credit for Participation: Margaret Ellis
8: Credit for Participation: Negotiated Exemptions and Substitutions: One Example - Echuca TS: Margaret Ellis
10: Part-Time Students: St Albans TS: Peter Blunden
17: The Next Wave Festival
20: Research: Ardeer High School: John Holt
22: Tutoring: A Follow-Up Report: Ballam Park TS - Naranga Special: Vic Wilson

15: News and Reviews: Queensland Students Get Involved: Jason Dixon; Review of Limitations on the Employment and Training of Young People; Radio: Ascolta, 3RRR; Youth Radio Festival: Uschi Bay, Bruce Berryman, Roger Taylor; Tutoring; Some Conferences; The Participation project: Wendy Loxley; A New Life; Reports Received; Emu

#33: June 1985:

3: Supporting Students on Committees: A Reflection
6: Central-Highlands Wimmera Regional Student Conference: Bill Horrocks
7: NSW: Statewide Student Association?: Charles Kingston
8: Delta: Mawson High School, SA: Marcus Mitchell
9: Delta: Assessment: Roger Anderson
10: Radiocation: 3CCC, Jim and the Principal: Justin Shortal
12: Your Comments: Wendy Loxley, Karen Daley, Emu, Colleen Reid, Marcus Mitchell, Angela Bourke, Lesley Podesta, Margie Bennett

23: News and Reviews: Tutoring; Subscription Analysis; Foxfire Records; Victorian Student Conference; Youth Forum '85; PEP and Students Around Australia; Students had special place in our opening workshops: Maree Davidson, School Bell; Emu

#32: April 1985

3: Videotape Resources
6: The Big Switch: Albert Park High School: Linda Cutting, Margot Gorski
7: Seen and Heard: Roger Holdsworth
8: Girls Speak Up: Pat Thurgood, Roger Holdsworth
10: Punching Keys: Pat Thurgood
11: 1984 Ascolta Radio Group Report: Jane Landman, Luigi Acquisto: Lynall Hall Radio Group
13: The Student Council Camp: Brunswick East High School: Antionette Daou
13: The Student Council Camp: The Eppalock Declaration
15: For Students on School Council: Bendigo High School: Craig Kyte
19: Murals, murals, on the walls, why are students in overalls?: West Wyalong HS: West Wyalong Advocate

20: News and Reviews: Getting Started and Keeping Going; Next Wave; Reports: Youth Action Project; Participative Planning; A Way In; CPP

#31: February 1985

3: Another Step Towards Accreditation: Roger Holdsworth
7: Negotiation: Teaching maths so it adds up: Exhibition High School: Colleen Vale
9: Negotiation: Drama: Dorothy Heathcote Workshop: Graham Parker

15: News and Reviews: Youth Radio project at 3CR and 3RRR; Radio Training Handbook; Students Participation in Planning, Implementing and Evaluating PEP Courses: Christine Hogan; Youth Forum '85 (NSW); Skipping School; Supplementary Grants Committee

18: The TAFE Student Union Project: Olga Tsora, Russell Bancroft, AMC News