Contents of Recent Issues: 1984

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#30: December 1984:

3: Tutoring: Tutoring in Traffic: Jenny Houlihan
5: Tutoring: Princes Hill Primary: Grade 5 students
6: Tutoring: Classroom learning experiment of ten years ago goes on to greater strengths: Tony Knight, LaTrobe University Record
7: Nostalgia: 1983: Kids Can Do Remarkable Things If They Have Remarkable Things To Do: Merv Edmunds
12: Your Comments: Kate Conolan, Dorothy Belperio, Wayne Pash, Robin Blackley, Ian E Matthews, Jeff Warren
13: Wilderness School: Amy Lake
14: Nostalgia: 1970s: Declaration of Student Rights and Responsibilities: Council for Democracy in Schools (Qld)
17: Student Advisory Group: Participation and Equity Program (Vic): Roger Holdsworth
18: Nostalgia: 1982: Student Involvement: Preston East Tech

23: News and Reviews: Youth Forum Newsletter; Student/Youth Seminars; Friends of the Earth; Unlocking Doors; Dynamic Recorders; Student Action Resource Handbook; Student Action Newsletter

#29: October 1984:

1: Student Participation: What Is It?
2: NASC Booklets
3: Opening the Airwaves: Reservoir High School: Maria Papadopoulos, Megan Johnson, Anna Ninis
5: Student Festival Week: South-Central Region, Vic
6: Student Meeting In-Service: South-Central Region (Vic): Prue Bermingham
9: SRC: Altona High School: Lisa Foster, Julie Ahern
10: Student Support Structures: Student Working Party (SWP): Steven Mifsud
11: Student Support Structures: Student Counselling and Advice Bureau (SCAB): Peter Ziras
11: Student Support Structures: Regional Association of Student Government (RASG), NSW: Charles Kingston
13: Your Comments: Rocco Marano; Peter Ziras, Vicki Jones, Joanne Williams, Sascha Surgey
14: Towards Accreditation: Coburg High School: Jill Anwyl
15: Towards Accreditation: Albert Park High School: Barbara Gibson
15: Towards Accreditation: Wendouree High Technical School: Allen Jones
17: Students As Researchers: 1. PEP: Greg Cornish, Garry Coventry
19: Students As Researchers: 2. RAP: Collingwood Education Centre: Michael Metcalfe
21: Youth Forum '84: NSW: Youth Forum

28: News and Reviews: Education for Peace and Disarmament; Student Access Breakfast Show: 3PBS Radiothon

#27-28: June-August 1984:

3: Interview: 1: David Bernstein, Project Blueberry: Rebecca Coyle and Roger Holdsworth
11: Plan it, print it: Up-date NIE
12: Interview: 2: Joe Clark, McKinley Mass Media: Roger Holdsworth
16: Budding journalists produce elementary school newspaper: Up-date NIE
17: YAP in Sale: Tom O'Meara, Suzie Brown
18: Action out west: Pamela Ward, Barry Hancock
19: Your Comments: Michael Tierney, Virginia Milner, Elaine McCready and Barbara Sharp, Sarena S Machio, Miriam Iuricich, Bernice Redman

15: News and Reviews: A Training Day for School Council Members; Student Action Newsletter Number 1; Murrayville High School: Radio in the Curriculum; Student Festival Week; Being a Girl: It's Harder Than You Think; Girls and the Law; National Workshop for Cultural Journalism: Workshop Report: 1979; My Place, Your Place; Emu; A Student Involvement in Meetings In-Service; Primary Area Study Team 8: In-Service Education in Primary Schools; No Visible Means of Support; Transcript; Bathurst High School survey: Peter Morgan

25: Students and Committees: 1: Students on Committees: For Committees: PEP, Vic
32: Students and Committees: 2: Students on Committees: For Students: Graeme Fletcher and Roger Holdsworth, PEP, Vic
35: Students and Committees: 3: Inclusive Committee Procedures: Roger Holdsworth, PEP, Vic
36: Conference on Youth and Responsibility: LaTrobe University
37: Fifteen Feet Per School: Fitzroy High school: Nicola Bullard, VSTA News

#26: April 1984:

3: Youth Action Program: Background, Conference: Geoff Emmett
5: Youth Action Program: Views: Student: Greg Lucas
5: Youth Action Program: Views: Teacher: Bruce Wilson
7: Youth Action Program: Views: Parent: George Dibsdale
7: Youth Action Program: Views: Principal: Ian Chisholm
8: Youth Action Program: Views: Student: Peter Etheve
9: Youth Action Program: Views: Student: Mark Dibsdale
10: Youth Action Program: Principles and Prospects: Michael Norman
14: Youth Action Program: Workshops: Magazine: Jodie Jacobsen, Neil McAdam-Roberts
15: Youth Action Program: Workshops: Restaurant: Tracey Adams, Michelle Jordan
16: Youth Action Program: Workshops: Tutoring: Tanya Wouters, Simon Matheson
17: Youth Action Program: Futures: Gerry Tickell
19: Youth Action Program: From the Task Force: Jean Lawrence
21: Student Action: Project Information Sheet
23: Radio-Activity: Some impressions: Tony Smibert
24: SPAN Conference: Mooroolbark High School: Denise Charter

23: News and Reviews: Wind in the Wimmera; Western Readers: Peter Dargin; Peace Education IS; Audio Tapes; Education Exchange

#25: February 1984

3: Youthcraft: Off to America: Cobden Technical School: Barbara Allen
5: Youthcraft: Interview 1: Merv Edmunds: Roger Holdsworth
9: Youthcraft: The Studebaker Project: Merv Edmunds
12: Radio-Activity: Grade Sixers learn the interview game: Jill Morris, The Age Green Guide
13: Student Government: West Wyalong High: Interview 2: Charles Kingston: WW, RASG and NASC
16: Student Government: West Wyalong High: Interview 2: Charles Kingston: RASG
18: Student Government: West Wyalong High: Interview 2: Charles Kingston: Off to America 1985?
20: Student Action in Education: Pilot Project Report: Pamela Ward
27: Youth Press Project: Western Region Education Centre
27: Peace Education in a Liveable World: MCAE Students' Association
28: Your Comments: Ray Davis, Mike Presdee, Rocco Marano, Denise Reghenzani, Glenn Tabuteau

20: News and Reviews: Our Rights? Our Schools? Our Futures?; Audio Tapes: Issues from 'Schooling for 15 and 16 Year Olds'; Wind In the Wimmera; 1985 Hopes