Contents of Recent Issues: 1983

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#24: December 1983:

1: Programs, processes and outcomes in a youth participation program: Chandler High School: Peter White
4: Radio Skid Row: Jinny Coyle
5: Student researchers in action: Garry Coventry, AdVISE
9: Student Newspaper Workshop: Western Metropolitan Region: Melinda Sparkes, Transition News
10: Student Newspaper Workshop: Western Metropolitan Region: Roger Holdsworth, Transition News
11: Friday Night: and other stories from the west: WREC
12: Student Action in Education project: Pamela Ward
13: Western Region Student Forum: Our rights, our schools, our future: Colin Briton
14: Student Rights: The Next Step!: Greg Thorpe
15: STC and Tutoring: Exhibition High: Robin Blackley
21: Kids teaching kids: UpDate NIE
22: Video in Education: Can Television Be USed to Communicate?: Sally Ingleton
26: Resources: Youth Radio project; CITY; Education Audio Tapes: Paul Jewell. Rebecca Coyle, Justin Shortal
28: Student Lounge Caulfield High School: Kerry Howard
30: Your Comments: Sally Ingleton, Kerry Howard, Silvana Tuccio, Denise Reghenzani, Michael Ward
31: SSND: Silvana Tuccio

32: News and Reviews: Ascolta Radio Group; Emu; You Want to Do STC; Acting Together: Graham Parker

#22-23: August-October 1983:

1: Institutionalising Participation?: Student Action in Education Project
3: Constructive approaches to social change: Tony Knight, The Educational Magazine
6: Youth in Arts: Fringe Network: Julie Higgins
7: Floaters: Connect
9: International Year of Youth 1985: Roger Holdsworth
10: Student-Centred Graphic Communication: St Albans Technical School: Frank Rollard
12: Student Action in Education: Student Representation on School Councils
13: Student Action in Education: Students: A Way in to the School Council: VFSSPC
14: Student Action in Education: Student Representative Organisations: Philip Gilmore
15: Student Action in Education: Curriculum: What Is It?: Faye Milevska
16: Student Action in Education: Adult Role in Student Participation: Philip Gilmore
17: Tutoring: Student Reactions: Marian College
20: STC: Work Experience etc: Part 2: Examples of STC Programs: Moreland School Work Program: Graeme Jane
23: STC: Work Experience etc: Part 2: Examples of STC Programs: Sydney Road Community School: Community Studies: Noel Blencowe
24: STC: Work Experience etc: Part 2: Examples of STC Programs: Sunshine High: Sunshine High School
25: STC: Work Experience etc: Part 2: Examples of STC Programs: Exhibition High: Exhibition High School
26: STC: Work Experience etc: Part 2: Examples of STC Programs: Coburg High: Coburg High School
26: STC: Work Experience etc: Part 2: Examples of STC Programs: Summary: Jill Anwyl
27: Job Creation: Job Creation Questioned: Elaine McCready, Wordworks
31: Job Creation: Book Review: Jeremy McArdle, Wordworks
32: Job Creation: Some Principles: Rod Maher
33: Work Education Program: Thomastown High School: Franca Tosto
34: Your Comments: Franca Tosto, Geoff Freeman, Helen Yeates, Lisa Mestan, Dorothy Kiers
34: Sally on the Road: Sally Ingleton

28: News and Reviews: Transition Education Case Studies; Better Life Than Them; Youth Advocacy Report; Wordworks; International Youth Year 1985

#21: June 1983:

3: Come Out: Rebecca Coyle
7: Better Life Than Them: Sally Ingleton

10: News and Reviews: The Nuclear Environment; The Photography Resource Book; For the Tutor; Riff-Raff

11: Radio in the Primary School Classroom: Pauline Hagen, Jenny Douglas
13: The Link Between the Community projects Program and SCLP: St Albans Tech: Ken Thompson
17: Your Comments: R Beissbarth, Joan Thomas, Jinny Coyle, Florenz Ronn, Peter Sheargold, Ruth Hoadley, Anne Scherer, Helen Hewison, Sue Bailey, Denise Reghenzani, Ros Nattrass, Franca Tosto
20: Using Small Groups: Language, Learning and negotiating the Curriculum Conference: Chris Reynolds
21: Youth Tutoring Youth: Marian College: Sr Chanel Williams, Ros Byrne
24: Student Governance Revisited: 1: Marian College: Claudette
26: Student Governance Revisited: 2: Thomastown High: Franca Tosto
26: Student Governance Revisited: 3: Sunshine Technical: Roselin Staker
27: STC: Work Experience and Out-Of-School Activities Seminar: Background:Dahle Suggett
28: STC: Work Experience and Out-Of-School Activities Seminar: Hope:Professor Ken Polk

#20: April 1983:

2: Resources: Legal Deposit: Roger Holdsworth
3: Health Education About Smoking: Peer Leadership at Williamstown Tech: Dr Les Mayes
4: Ex-STC Students' Comments: Work, Unemployment, Studies: Ann Holland
7: Community Projects Program: St Albans Tech: Ken Thompson, Ian McLean
11: The Studebaker Project: Cobden Tech: Merv Edmunds
16: Your Comments: Joan Nelson, Jack Howe, Clive Rutherford, Denise Reghenzani

17: News and Reviews: Riff-Raff; Transition Education Case Studies; Spiral Education Resources; Three Sets of Notes on Publications

#19: February 1983

3: Pearl: On Leadership: Professor Art Pearl
4: The Development of Youth Action Projects: Graeme Kent
6: Governance: Part 2: 10a: Port Hacking High (revisited): Genni Capell
7: Governance: Part 2: 11: The Entrance High: Mission Possible: Chris Monaghan
8: Governance: Part 2: 12: Glebe High: George Stamell
9: Governance: Part 2: 13: Newmarket State High: Sue Bailey
10: Governance: Part 2: 14: Wendouree High Tech: Resource Assistance Group: Marita Mihic, Gary Whittaker
12: Radio-Activity: The Castlemaine Experience: Justin Shortal
13: Radio-Activity: Radio in the School Classroom: Peter Duffy

14: News and Reviews: The Fitz-Coll Directory; Apology

14: Your Comments: Robert Lindsay, Justin Shortal, Gary A Rupp, Chris Monaghan, James Oakes, Sue Bailey, Rocco Marano