Contents of Recent Issues: 1981

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#12: December 1981:

3: Schools in Radio Conference: Agenda
5: Projects: Turn Your Radio On: Radio 3FTG: John Newlands
7: Radio Resources
26: Projects: SCARP
27: Your Comments: Simon Kirby, Charles Kingston and Les Vozzo

#11: October 1981:

3: Second National Youth Participation Workshop: Report
11: Lalor High Mural project Interview: Anita Johansson
12: Youth Forum '81: A Great Experience for Youth and Adults: Julia Young, Charles Kingston, Les Vozzo
13: Youth Forum '81: Future Directions: John Engel
13: Youth Forum '81: Youth and the Community: Suzanne Clarke
14: Youth Forum '81: Red Lights of Bathurst: Peter Mitchell
15: Youth Policy: A draft for discussion: Rod Moran, TTUV News
17: Projects: Boronia Tech School: Tony Carden
17: Projects: Avondale High School: Brian Roger
19: Projects: Mallacoota Mouth: Mark Grunden
20: Doveton Mini-School: Where Students Share Management: Maria Foster, Educational Innovations
21: Doveton Mini-School: Committees, Committees, Committees: Shirley Cass, Educational Innovations
22: Doveton Mini-School: Doveton Newsletter: Vicki and Craig, Educational Innovations
23: Art and the Community: Lalor High Mural Project: Ross Dean
25: 3CR: Community Radio Federation
26: Your Comments: Fiona Barnett, Andrew Eltringham, Charles Kingston, Rebecca Coyle, Tony Carden
28: Genesis School: Joe and Julie Morris
29: Schools in Radio - Radio in Schools: A Conference of Practitioners: Melbourne: December 5 and 6, 1981: Rita Chiodo, Rebecca Coyle, Roger Holdsworth

#10: August 1981:

3: Second National Youth Participation Workshop: Carclew, North Adelaide, SA: August 25-26-27, 1981
5: Radio Ascolta: Rebecca Coyle
6: Ascolta Radio group: Johnny Kay, Agnes Fenech
7: Your Comments: Tim Carrigan, Carole Browning, L D Christie, Robert Dalton, Charles Kingston, Lauris Wilson
9: SCARP: Schools, Community and Radio Project: Airwave

#9: June 1981:

3: Second National Youth Participation Workshop: Date Set, Place Set, Costs Set ... Be There: Pat Thomson
5: Projects: Community Research Feature Program: Harold Moore
6: Spotlight on Broadmeadows: In the Community: Karen Carkner, Polycom
8: STC Course Approved by VISE: SRC Group: Paul Reid
9: Your Comments: Nichael A Brooks, Jackie McDonald, Charles Kingston and Les Vozzo
9: Resources: Registration Changes; Youth Participation 'Manual'; Alternative Education Resource Group
11: Material Available: Resource Listing: Articles; Publication Projects; Other Sources; Connect Cumulative Index: Connect
19: Start Your Own School: Fitzroy Community School

#8: April 1981

3: Workshop 1981: Bowden Brompton Community School, SA: Pat Thomson
3: Getting Started: Roger Holdsworth
3: Maryborough Work Co-op: Rob Alliston
4: As We See It: A Collection of Student Writing: Roger Holdsworth
6: Projects: Yankalilla Community Annexe: Greg Skehan, Chris Stokes
7: Projects: Collingwood Alternative School
9: Projects: Ascolta Radio Group: Karen Charman
10: Projects: School Media Access Project: 3CR: Rita Chiodo
11: Projects: Adventure Playground Curriculum Project: Sr Lorna Woodross, Morrice Shaw
12: Projects: School/Community Newspaper: Ray Bloomfield
13: Your Comments: James Oakes, Vic Wilson, Gemma Whyte, Charles Kingston and Les Vozzo, Jackie McDonald
15: Special relationship: (Cross-age tutoring in Wales): Julia Hagedorn, TES
16: Resources: Library Periodicals, Local Youth Policy Development, Ballarat Youth Action Program Report: Graeme Kent

#6-7: February 1981

3: Workshop Report: August 26-29: A Personal Account: Roger Holdsworth
7: Workshop Report: Opening Address: Tony Knight
12: Workshop Report: Material Available
13: Workshop Report: A Teacher-Aide Program: Vic Wilson
16: Workshop Report: Media Workshop: Lindsay Thachuk
17: Workshop Report: School and Community: SPACE: Jenny Cameron
18: Workshop Report: School and Community: Young Christian Students' Movement: Kim Voss
19: Workshop Report: School and Community: Creche: Prue Gill
19: Workshop Report: School and Community: West Wyalong High: Les Vozzo, Charles Kingston
20: Workshop Report: School and Community: Newspaper Production: Photographs
21: Workshop Report: Unemployment Broadsheet: Concetta Benn
25: Workshop Report: Workshop Photographs
29: Workshop Report: Evaluation
35: Workshop Report: Bowden Brompton Community School, SA
37: Projects: So Your School Wants a Radio Station ... : Lindsay Thachuk
42: Resources: Journalism; Student Government at West Wyalong High; DCAP Western Readers; VISE Paper
43: Your Comments: Charles Kingston, Bruce Sims, Charles Kingston and Les Vozzo; Pat Thomson
44: News: 3CR Receives Grant; Work Co-ops; 'Alive and Well'; A National Office of Youth Participation?; Tutoring Manual: Gemma Whyte; Money!