Contents of Recent Issues: 1979-1980 (The First Year)

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#5: August 1980:

3: First National Workshop of Youth Participation in Education Projects: August 26-29, 1980: Information Bulletin 2
5: Your Comments: David Kidd, Ruth Hoadley, Jackie Ohlin, Liz Amos, Jean Roberts, Therese West, Andrew Freeman
7: Yinbilliko School, NSW
8: Murals proved a double success: Turana: Peter Weiniger, The Age
9: Catching them young for the board room ...: Geoff Maslen, The Age
9: Projects: School-Work Program: Moreland High: Graeme Jane, Rod Maher
10: Projects: School-Work Program: Moreland High: Job Creation: E M Christoforou, M J Snow
11: Projects: School-Work Program: Moreland High: Ascolta: Rhonda Chrisanthou, Janine Sullivan
12: Projects: Industry: Ferntree Gully High: Bob Shepherd, Pauline Ward
15: Projects: Cross-Age Tutoring: Richmond Technical College: David Kidd
17: Projects: Cross-Age Tutoring: Princes Hill High (3): Bob Semmens
19: Resources: Journalism; Tutoring: NCRY; IDEAS; NYCA; YPF; Learning for Real
21: Money Money Money; Back Issue Index: Connect

#4: June 1980:

3: Workshop: August 26-29, 1980
3: The Sound of Silence: Roger Holdsworth
4: Touchstones: The Opening Address: US National Workshop of Cultural Journalism: Eliot Wigginton
9: Your Comments: Karen Carkner, Vic Wilson, Joan Benjamin, Margaret McElhinny, Gina Fiske, Val Threlfall and Sue Baatz
10: Projects: Publication Projects: Update; 'Alive and Well'; Spotlight: Karen Carkner; 5MMM-FM: Pat Thomson; Next Issues
12: Cross-Age Tutoring: Princes Hill High (2): Bob Semmens
14: Cross-Age Tutoring: Baltara: Leonie Morgan
15: Governance: The Wellington Road Show: Mount Barker High School, SA: Jane Sanderson, Lea Bentley
16: Resources: Materials
17: Resources: Cross-Age Tutoring: Vic Wilson
17: Resources: Bibliography: Cross-Age Tutoring: Connect
19: Victorian Workers with Youth Conference: July 25-27, 1980

#3: April 1980:

3: Why Youth Participation Programs?: Dr Tony Knight
6: Principles for Participation: Professor Art Pearl, Roger Holdsworth
7: Your Comments: Jan Hargreaves, Brian Wise, Shirley Cass, Joan Morris, David French, Ian Maynard
9: Projects: 2WEB: Western Education Broadcasting: David French
10: Brunswick: A Long Way From the Bush: Brunswick North Primary School: Heather Eagleson
11: The Golden Shaft: Wins Award: Ballarat East High School: Peter Yordonoulo, Sharon Brown
13: Publication Projects: Update
14: Cross-Age Tutoring: Contacts: Roger Holdsworth
14: Cross-Age Tutoring: CAT - Sunshine High: Joan Morris
15: Cross-Age Tutoring: Lalor Park Primary: Intra-School Cross-Age Tutoring: Gemma Whyte
21: Cross-Age Tutoring: Ballam Park Technical - Teacher Aide Program: Vic Wilson
23: Student Participation in Government: 3-4-5 Adds Up: Sunshine High: John Martino
25: Student Participation in Government: Falcon Street Alternative High School: Vi Spak
28: Student Participation in Government: Swinburne Community School: James Milne
33: Student Participation in Government: Other projects: Bowden Brompton Community Workshop School; Lynall Hall; STC Group
35: National Conference: Roger Holdsworth
36: Resources: Media Information Australia; Learning Exchange

#2: February 1980:

2: Here's Talking To You: Connect
2: National Conference 1980?: Connect
3: Publication Projects: Update
4: Your Comments: Gail McCudden; Pat Thomson; John Martin; Barbara James; Josine Butler; Albert Koolmees; Sandy Shively
6: Projects: Cheer Leaders and Other High School News: Sandra Shively
8: Projects: The Golden Shaft: Ballarat East High School: John Martin, The Secondary Teacher
10: Projects: The Golden Shaft: The Light of Day At Last: John Martin
13: Bludgers: Suzanne Cisek, Radical Education Dossier
14: Bludgers: It's No 'Bludge' On the Dole: Grant Carolan, The Sydney Morning Herald
16: Bludgers: From Petersham EPUY Report: Sam Altman
17: Cross-Age Tutoring: Thomastown Primary School: Therese West
19: Cross-Age Tutoring: Brunswick East High School: Roger Holdsworth
21: Cross-Age Tutoring: Princes Hill High School: Bob Semmens
22: Cross-Age Tutoring: A Short Bibliography: Roger Holdsworth
23: Resources: Registered Publication; Mailing; Business Name Registration; ISSN; Identification: Connect

#1: November 1979

2: Help Yourself - Connect: Roger Holdsworth
3: National Conference 1980?: Roger Holdsworth
4: Projects: Ascolta: The Secondary Teacher
4: Projects: The Otway Light: Margaret Geraghty
5: Projects: Publication Projects: The Secondary Teacher
7: Resources: Hands On; NCRY; Secondary Teacher; Videotape; You and Aunt Arie; US Trip Report
10: Youth Tutoring Youth: NCRY
16: Hands On: The Newsletter for Cultural Journalism: The Foxfire Fund